The Pisces Love tips

The typical Pisces finds no difference between love, affection and romance as they need all three.  A Pisces who feels unloved is an unhappy person to whom life seems very grey and it is only love that will revitalize this star sign.

The love of Pisces is no ordinary love and few know how to love like them.  Your search for the perfect partner will continually measure them against an unattainable standard, similar to raising the benchmark about 5kms above the ground.  But that may last only about a week and during the initial period of seeking perfection; you'll quickly realize that you have made an error in slipping that pedestal under your potential lover's feet.

Although you may aim for perfection yourself Pisces, and want to see that perfection in others, few if any can live up to your dream.  And when reality kicks in you'll see that the truth of what you're actually dealing with is another human being from the same species as yourself.  When you are in love Pisces you can cope very well with a range of difficulties or problems that other parts of your life may throw at you.

As a Pisces you will be continually devising new ways to keep the flames of your passion burning, even into old age.  It is so important to you that you will never allow romance to die.  You like to surprise your lover with shows of affection and novel techniques to demonstrate how you really feel about them.

You're a sentimental individual and love candlelit dinners or quiet moments together in a natural setting.   Writing little love notes expressing your love for them will be your way of letting them know that your love is true and for keeps.  Shedding a quiet tear in an emotional movie may mean that your lover should always carry a spare handkerchief to help you wife away your tears.

When a typical Pisces makes love it is an act of romance rather than of carnal pleasure.  You are less interested in sexual activity than in the expressions of love that come before and afterwards.  Your Piscean energy is more often than not used up in the emotional experiences of love than in the sexual act.  This does not mean Pisces is not interested but is for reassurance rather than personal pleasure.

Some Pisces may drift into another relationship almost without noticing, yet you will be surprised when you are accused of unfaithfulness.  You are haunted by self doubt and this can only be dispelled if you are given repeated assurances that you are indeed lovable.

If your love life is not going smoothly and you have too much heartbreak tallied up on the board, you may actually give up on the idea of finding love but substitute this lack with chocolate, ice cream or even worse would be medication or illicit drugs.  A mid-life crisis might drive some Piscean wallflowers to go after someone who is unavailable e.g. married or absolutely wrong for them.  This is the Piscean way of knowing that they can't possibly be hurt again.  Weird logic?

The worst thing that can happen to you Pisces is to be rejected by the one you love however your partner will find it very hard to call it quits with you.  You will dig deep to find something that will make them cling to you, convincing them that if they reform in some way, everything will be alright again.  It may take the unwilling party all their imagination to extricate themselves from the relationship as you won't give up without a fight, will you Pisces?

It is not unlikely that you will have several partners before finding the one that you want to spend the rest of your days with.  Because you are the least prejudiced and most compassionate of the star signs Pisces, you will show a deep and real love for a partner who has problems or physical abnormalities, or who has to face a tragedy or business disaster.  You will not turn from them because life isn't perfect.

With the right soul mate marriage is a must for a true Piscean.  This will ground you and give you the direction that you so desperately desire and on top of that gives you the wonderful blessing of children.  What could be more unconditional than loving and caring for your own kids?

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