The Pisces Career

You need work where there are plenty of outlets for either human understanding or creative imagination.  It is one of your strong traits that you work best when helping others and solving their problems.  If you work solely for money, fame and power, you'll never feel quite fulfilled in your career.

Pisces will get the job done, although your work mates may not exactly understand the processes whereby this happens.  If you are in the wrong job you could become depressed, lazy and feel useless so it is important that you choose carefully. You need to research what you feel best suits your temperament. Due to your changeable mind you may initially have difficulties deciding what you want to spend your working life doing.

Your place of work needs to make you feel happy to achieve the best you can.  Careers such as social work, teaching, welfare, medical and/or nursing fields would be ideal avenues of professional expression for you.  Charitable and church work are also very attractive to you Pisces.

On the creative side you may do well in the television and film industries, radio, advertising, public relations or the theater.  Music and art will also have their attractions for a career seeking Piscean.

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