Pisces This Week

Basking in the beauty that's all around you right this very moment, Pisces, is just about the most effective statement you could presently make… exemplifying, through deed rather than word, what really matters to you in this life. A lineup of 5th-house planets—the Sun, Venus, and now Mercury—indicates you ought to be savoring the pleasures which most please you, for no other reason than to make the absolute most of this opportunity to enjoy your earthly incarnation while its limited supply-of-time is still available. The very act of frolicking, in whatever specific fashion you're moved to do so, serves as a surprisingly potent form of emotional self-nurturance. By delivering yourself such surefire happiness, you're essentially telling yourself, 'What you like is important to me, and giving it to you is absolutely worth my while.' This is actually a critical lifelong lesson for you Pisceans to incorporate into your self-image, thanks to your tendency to give everyone else what they like before tending so shamelessly to your own predilections. As such, be exceptionally aware of instances when you find you're censoring yourself from frolicking exactly as you'd like, whether due to actual pressure from peers and/or your self-conscious fear of what they might think: The problem with that isn't you, but your choice of incompatible peers.


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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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