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Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 12 , 2020
You carry yourself in a way of strength, Leo. The world looks to you for guidance because you seem to have all the answers. You aren't typically bothered if you aren't in a leadership position in a professional sense. Taking direction from someone is not the most appealing thing to you, but you do your work and no matter what you carry yourself as a leader. This will land you in a higher position one day. Today you can expect no different. Collect your earnings and keep working hard.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 13 , 2020
Be wary of speaking your mind today, Leo. You may not be used to biting your tongue, but today you are being asked to stay out of other people's business entirely. Run your own race. Your thoughts and your daily purpose may be crystal clear to you today. Do not get distracted by the lives of others, no matter how loud they are being. You are not to get involved. You have more important things to accomplish than to get lost in the daily drama around you.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 14 , 2020
Even the strong and beautiful get unsure of themselves every now and then. Isn't that right, Leo? A lot of the time your insecurities can easily get tossed aside as nonsense. Keep that in mind today. But don't take to unloading all of your thoughts onto a stranger either. Being overly trusting of strangers is not your best quality and today it may get you into some trouble. Remember your self-esteem and don't fish for compliments in others today. You know you're worth. Remember that.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 15 , 2020
Give yourself a little pat on the back today, Leo. You may have had a busier week than you normally do. As always though, you handle it in stride and with grace. People look up to you in this way. Because of all you do, the planets are thanking you by giving you a day to relax and play around. Feel grateful for the fruit you have grown and will continue to grow. Go out of your way to do something special for someone special today. Share the love a little, that is what it's all about.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 16 , 2020
Pay close attention to who you choose to spend most of your time with, Leo. They tend to influence your thoughts and maybe pressuring you to do things you wouldn't do otherwise. Today is asking you to rest, but you can't do that if you are resting with the wrong people. Take the day off from the world if that's what you feel is best. Whatever you need to do to get your mind right, Leo.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 22 , 2020
The fire within you may have you booking a flight today, after all, Leo. Normally you aren't one to just pack up and leave, but it's been a while. You are allowed to be impulsive sometimes. Besides, even your impulsivity can almost always be justified. If nothing else, it's a learning experience! If you aren't able to take a trip, at least feed into this impulsivity by driving around and getting lost for a while. You may find a cook park or lake to chill at for a while.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today november 23 , 2020
You enjoy the finer things in life, Leo. This is accompanied by a little impulsivity at times. You also are generous in nature and enjoy buying things for those close to you as a sign of appreciation. Sometimes you might go a week or two before you check your bank account, and a budget is usually out of the question. If the money if there, why not use it? Today is a good day to check that bank account though, Leo. You may have lower funds than you are thinking.
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