Leo This Week

LEO (July 23-August 22): Life's something of a gripping melodrama at the moment, Leo… though, from my vantage, it's hard to make out whether yours specifically is a life-giving comedy, a more serious-and-meaty tragedy that's putting everything into stark perspective, or a multi-faceted mixture of ups and downs. To be frank, you may not be sure exactly which way it's swinging either—just that you are indeed a-swing, and probably better hold on tight as you thrust your feet higher and higher into the air, building momentum as you shoot for the stars. With eclipse energy rocking your sign all month, this is no time to assume (with naive optimism or cynical resignation) you know how things are going to turn out. Nor should you take anybody else's word for it. Not only aren't they as insightful on this matter as they believe or claim (though you needn't tell them so), but the outcome is as yet undetermined… in large part because you now hold an unusually commanding capacity to assert your agency with decisive brunt and alter the course of destiny forevermore. If that last sentiment sounds a bit melodramatic, then I've met my duty to call on your very best, you valiant hero.


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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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