The Leo Career

The worst thing that can happen to you in your professional life is to be overlooked, unrecognized or unappreciated for the work that you do.  Mostly, you do good work but as a Leo born individual you certainly need to feel successful and to be applauded for your input.

You achieve your ambitions because you are so determined and are not easily discouraged from the goals you set yourself. By the same token you’re well aware of the benefits that the power and glory offer when achieving your goals.

The planet ruling your profession is Venus, and she makes you passionate, extravagant and also creative. You're tasteful about work as well. Saturn who also has a say in your professional destiny indicates that you need concentration as well as a requirement to balance extravagances in your work routine. Some Leo born natives become workaholics

In whatever line of work you choose to exert yourself, you’ll more than likely rise to an executive position, or at least senior management level. You could become a CEO of a company, a sports person, government department executive, secretarial worker or teacher.

You have great dramatic flair which is why theatrical opportunities are possible. You would make a wonderful actor, musician or even screenplay writer or film technician.  If you are less interested in traditional office-style work, the outdoors and nature are wonderful environments for your work. Forest ranger, horticulturist and sports instructor will be fine creative outlets for your profession.

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