Leo This Year

For the zodiac sign Leo, 2022 will appear to be quite ambiguous, in many respects unstable, but according to the final results, fairly positive. You will not come across any exceptional opportunities and there won’t be any pivotal and life-changing points expected in your life. In fact, what will be required from you is doing your job and sticking to your initial plan. The horoscope for 2022 reminds the representatives of the zodiac sign Leo that a long time familiar and trodden road is not necessarily the most successful one. 

 In the first place it should be noted that the actual patron of Leos, the Sun, in the first half of 2022 will be depicted by the increased dynamics of positive influences. In other words, people born under the sign of Leo in 2022 will feel a strong inflow of vital energy, their work performance will definitely increase, and their life goals will gain sharpness and clarity. But, as always (!), one should take into account some subtle moments. Firstly, we are talking only about the first half of 2022 , which means that by the end of the summer a powerful impact of the solar energy on the representatives of your zodiac sign will come to an end. This doesn’t imply that Leos will be left without heavenly assistance and will not be able to count on the successful resolution of difficult situations. The lion is an allegory of power; thus, stay strong! Do not forget that nature has endowed you with sharp fangs and no less sharp claws. The fact is that the closer you are to the middle of the year, the more often you will have to refer to your "lion" nature, as long as this nature doesn’t unfold in the way it did in "The Wizard of Oz”. Well, you’ll be lucky if you find a compassionate Ellie by your side. But what if you don’t? 

General Anticipated Periods for the Horoscope for Leo in 2022 

 Speaking in more detail about the onset of 2022 , it should be noted that in the period from January to the end of March, Leos will, figuratively speaking, experience the peak of their power. At this time, you will be like the legendary Julius Caesar. And we are not talking only about the oratory of this historical figure. Feel free to start a few things at once and do not doubt that you’ll be able to finish all of it in the nick of time. It is essential to take into account this point, because a second chance to achieve similar results in the foreseeable future can never present itself. Apart from this, at the beginning of 2022 , Mercury, the lord of heaven and earth trade routes, will be on your side but your financial sphere will be rather ambiguous. It's hard to tell how successfully or not events will develop at this time in your "love life". Nothing outstanding or exceptional will probably happen, but it is necessary to take into account individual factors, because lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, just like you can’t find two identical Leos. You'll have to rely on your intuition and possibly overlook the seemingly logical arguments of your reason. It's not a panacea but a quite trustworthy and reliable lighthouse, following which you may well be able to achieve all your desired goals. 

 From April until the end of June of 2022 , the situation will not change radically. The positive energy of the Sun will confidently continue to supply Leos with all necessary tools: resources, capabilities and luck. The only thing that the representatives of this star sign will have to do on their own is not to lose faith in themselves. Despite the fact that Leos are not apt to suffer from this "disease", closer to the middle of the summer you may become exposed to a long-lasting depression. The reasons may be diverse, and even total success in all spheres of life does not necessarily prevent such sentiments from occurring. In this situation, the stars are not in the position to give you any specific advice, so you will have to make out the intricacies of your sensory-emotional experiences on your own. As a matter of fact, temporary melancholy will have no significant impact on the lives of Leos. That is why it is recommended to draw your attention to family relationships, which, although not characterized by any complex or controversial moments, will still require your thorough attention. In reality, this point will be closely linked to the next stage of your life, which will begin with the arrival of August. 

 The final month of the summer, August, will mark the beginning a new phase, which will be radically different from all the previous periods of 2022 . Starting from this moment, the sun will not be so favorable to your zodiac sign, and therefore Leos will feel a sharp outflow of vital energy in all directions. This will be manifested in a high decrease in your work efficiency, but fortunately at this moment a growing critical aspect of the situation will be kept to a minimum, for by the end of the summer Leos might have already implemented the majority of the planned projects for 2022 . It is worth noting that at this moment the representatives of Leo may feel the awakening of new features, in general, inherent to all "cat species". Have you ever seen what a lion does with a cardboard box? In this regard, this animal hardly differs from an ordinary cat, with the exception of its size, of course! That is, this massive beast, a rightful king of nature, simply climbs into the box and enjoys its life from there. So in the fall of 2022  Leos (now referring again to the zodiac sign) will instinctively look for the "box" they can hide their head in from everything, and, of course, we don’t mean any particular physical object here. At this time, many of you will feel an irresistible urge to escape and hide from the world like the man in Chekhov’s famous story. Fortunately, this is not the worst thing that can happen to the homo sapien species. In addition, according to the horoscope of 2022 for Leos, no major problems are foreseen either at your work or in the family circle. Some aspects such as small quarrels will require more consideration from you, since their timely resolution will be a real guarantee of the absence of major problems in the future. But you’ll be able to handle these issues as you go, without having to apply a large amount of resources to the situation. The main thing for you now is to cope with your spleen sadness by the beginning of the winter; all the rest, as they say, will come along. 

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