Leo This Year

Leo Personal and Social Life 2019

You have a well-balanced year ahead, Leo, with plenty of passionate Fire, sensitive Water, practical Earth, and diplomatic Air energies at your fingertips.

Neptune will offer you illusions and comfortable escapes in February. Uranus will surprise and energize you in April. Mercury and Mars will tug at your heartstrings and family in July. Venus will make daily life more pleasant and comfortable than ever in September. What a year!

Jupiter spends the first half of 2019 in your sign, Leo, bringing good luck and abundance, but also the temptation to enjoy the good things in life in excess. Try to use moderation in all things, especially eating, spending, and socializing, and simply share the wealth.

Jupiter is retrograde until April 8, so be aware of maintaining or improving your personal integrity.

Energy might sag and minor health concerns could become a concern in November, when the Sun (the ruler of Leo) encounters Saturn. Balance and good sense can fix all. Take good care of yourself and enjoy each day to its fullest!

 Leo Love 2019

For 2019, you can turn up that Leo lovelight and be wildly popular. You won't have to say or do much to attract attention, especially in July and August.

For singles with more long-lasting intentions, the Venus-Neptune conjunction (February 1) lets you reexamine your image of your ideal partner and realign your heart and your head.

The Venus retrograde in Leo (July 25 - September 6) allows you a breather to spend quality time with a more serious love interest.

Venus-Mars conjunctions (February 21, August 31, and November 2) can sometimes be explosive. If you're deeply involved with someone, it could be incredible. If in a difficult relationship, maybe just let things cool for a few days.

You have the benefit of the Moon's Libra energy for all of 2019, so you can draw romantic prospects to you like moths to a flame, or you can tactfully back away and make a graceful exit. You might make the biggest impact on the dating scene in September.

Leo Career 2019

2019 is a productive year for you, Leo, when instincts and intellect work together and make you a winner. If you're dealing with challenging people in the work place, or if you're interviewing for a job, your people skills will naturally shine, especially in October.

You can be the surprisingly right candidate in April. In August, you'll be in the right place at the right time. In November, a social contact might refer you to just the right person. Doors will open for you in 2019. Go ahead and knock!

Finances will be wisely and easily managed, too. A touch of frugality in the autumn may feel virtuous and right. It's a lucky and lucrative year for you, Leo!

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