Capricorn Today

Capricorn Today

Capricorn Daily Horoscope for Today may 2 , 2021
Capricorn, avoid all night long parties and risky experiments. Try to be conservative and cautious today. You may run across people who are used to living at the expense of others, so you must keep your wits about you. Don't be fooled by honeyed words, don't be fooled by strangers declaring undying love for you, and don't forget that free cheese can only be in a mousetrap.
Capricorn Today

In the morning you will be very enthusiastic and will feel capable of starting a new activity.
An issue that you have lately overlooked will now resurface.
It would be wise for you to avoid getting into controversies.
Capricorn Today

This morning you could feel rather stressed because of a business issue. You will have to run to and fro to find a solution, and your efforts will eventually take you to success.
Make sure you're not neglecting your love life!
You may want to rest more. You are on the verge of a burnout, even if you wouldn't admit it.
Capricorn Today

An old acquaintance will offer you the chance to take up a new job. You don't need to answer right away.
Avoid controversies with your loved one! You are advised to remain realistic.
Capricorn Today

Today you will feel full of energy.
If you are invited on a short trip, you are advised to accept without hesitation. Forget about the expenses! You deserve to relax.
You are advised to avoid a quarrel with an older relative.
Capricorn Today

Although you have a lot on your hands, you may want to slow down.
In the morning you may feel tempted to spend too much. Be more careful with your expenses!
Today you might meet a special person who will later play an important part in your love life.
Capricorn Today

If you look into distant future with some concern and trembling, you should try to start doing something instead of simply sitting there and shaking with fear. Practice makes perfect and you’ll gradually gain lacking confidence in tomorrow.
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