The Capricorn Career

A Capricorn is indeed a hard worker and could be in danger of being regarded as a workaholic, such is their dedication.  You however do not see it as a problem as you enjoy working, like to see a job well done and it gives you an enormous amount of satisfaction and professional pride.

Hard work fulfils you on so many levels and it suits a Capricorn very well to be their own boss.  You are self-motivated and if you have to work under others, you will only see this as a stepping stone on the path of moving away into your own business.

With your organized mind you will do well in a career of law, teaching, mining or other research oriented activities.  You like your workplace to be comfortable, tidy and well organized but not necessarily luxuriously appointed as you see that as a waste of money.

As an employee you may seem to be a bit of a mystery to your work mates as you are not necessarily a good mixer, but others must trust that you are doing the job you are being paid for.  You take your responsibilities very seriously and can keep complex operations moving smoothly.

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