Capricorn This Week

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): When sharing your distinct thoughts as I encouraged you to do in last week's horoscope, Capricorn, you needn't have any particular agenda other than to candidly participate in that moment's discussion. You needn't angle for a certain outcome… or even rack your brain in hopes of determining which outcome might be most personally favorable. Neither need you worry about whether you're preserving the appropriate tone, exposing too much personal information, or creating one particular impression of yourself or another in the listener's mind. In fact, this is an especially fitting week for speaking off the cuff, sharing intimate details for no other reason than letting someone else get to know you better, and flashing your less self-controlled side to the world-at-large. This calibration is more about harnessing the current astrology for outward-aiming self-expression, to provide yourself both the release of disclosing thoughts and opinions and feelings and a chance for those released sentiments to morph and evolve while bringing you closer to other people. Meanwhile, what those 'other people' might think about what you share is not, at the moment, as much of a concern (so stop trying to control their perception of you).


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