The Capricorn Love tips

Capricorn you can be so involved in achieving your grand plan that when a romantic opportunity comes along and stares you right in the face, you may not even recognize what's happening until it is too late and that potential life partner has disappeared over the horizon hand in hand with someone else.

You have very clear ideas of your romantic ideal, just as you do with everything else. Your criteria may be a little hard for the average person to meet but any prospective partner must be unafraid to pass some of your rather severe tests to prove their love to you.  Just don't make the bar so high that anyone not equipped with wings cannot possibly jump over it!

You may be a bit slow off the mark making an approach to the opposite sex, you can be a bit shy and awkward and very much a private person but at the end of the day everyone needs to have someone special in their life.  These traits can make you miss out on wonderful opportunities again and again, especially when younger.

Many females born under Capricorn are seen as not keeping up with modern attitudes and prefer a more conventional approach in which the male takes the lead.  You don't really subscribe to the oft repeated phrase ''when our eyes met across the room it was love at first sight''.  This is a little too fanciful for you Capricorn and you prefer to take your time, savoring each meeting until you've made up your mind.  You are extremely faithful when you tie the knot, however long this may take, but it will not be something that will happen overnight.

More than any other sign you need to be aware of an opportunity when it comes along.  It is difficult for you to say Ï love you" to just anyone and you must feel financially secure to put your heart on your sleeve.  You life partner will have to have integrity, be hard working and be as committed as you are to the relationship.  For all these reasons it may take a few years to find that person who you can look on as your true soul mate.

You may get to a time in your life where you have tried and tried again to find love but don't give up!  You're traditional, perhaps a little old fashioned but when it comes to giving yourself to the right one you'll do so completely in body, mind and soul.  For a partner this is worth waiting for.

On the other hand if you have chosen a mate, but they have disappointed you or failed your rather high standards, then the parting will be abrupt and final. The thing you hate most is being seen as a failure and your love life is no exception.   No gentle retreat for you Capricorn and your partner will certainly know in a very short time that it is all over for this romance.

Venus rules the sensual aspects of your character and shows that you do have a great deal of love and warmth to offer.  Excitement and passion are an integral part of your personality but only when the other person has proven their intrinsic worth and the relationship is running smoothly.  You need to know that your life mate has a high level of commitment to the partnership before you will go that next step.

When a typical mature Capricorn makes love, it is lovemaking at its very best.  To a Capricorn there is no separation between love and sex and you know by instinct when you have found the right partner for this immensely important ritual.  For some people sex is a release, the satisfying of one of the basic needs in life, but Capricorns want to reach a state of total satisfaction, not only for yourself but also for your partner.

The sign of Cancer rules your marriage affairs and to some extent your sexual feelings, so you can have a great relationship with this star sign.  For you love and sex are intertwined with a sense of duty and once you're sure your partner is your soul mate you'll be openly playful in love.

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