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Scorpio Today

Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Today may 2 , 2021
Scorpio, even you will not be spared the sharp mood swings in the air today, though they are not likely to cause problems. Try to keep calm and carry on where ever you can. You may be required to aid a family member today. There is also a possibility that you will receive a call with unusual news or a hot offer. Ask for time to think it over before agreeing, no matter how tempted you are to snap it up.
Scorpio Today

You intend to leave on a business trip, but your loved one is not exactly fond of the idea. The atmosphere at home may become somewhat tense.
You may rely on an older relative's advice.
In the evening you will be pleased to receive guests.
Scorpio Today

This may be a difficult time for you, since the financial situation is worrying you. However, you will manage to remain optimistic.
Your patience will be rewarded in the afternoon when you might cash in an unexpected amount of money.
You are advised to remain cautious, for you are accident-prone today.
Scorpio Today

You may have to leave on an unscheduled trip, probably in a family interest. You will discover new business opportunities.
You are advised to take advantage of your chances, but avoid getting involved in speculations.
Avoid controversies with a lady in your circle, for you may be wrong!
Scorpio Today

You might initiate an activity which will soon bring you special professional satisfaction.
You will be in a good shape at work, and willing to work hard.
Be careful and don't go overboard! If you overestimate your resources, you could fall ill or have an accident!
Scorpio Today

You will tend to be idealistic and feel that you are able to solve just about anything with no effort at all. Be more realistic, or you could be in for nasty surprises!
Choose your words carefully, for you are running the risk of hurting the feelings of someone dear. Don't try to impose your strong views on others!
Scorpio Today

On May 8, 2015 it’ll be easier for the Scorpions than usually to observe rules and stick to their responsibilities. You may go back to some of your old habits which help you stay within necessary limits and act in rigid accordance with your plan.
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