The Scorpio Love tips

The eighth sign of the zodiac is ruled by Scorpio and says it all about their attitudes to love, sex and marriage.  A Scorpio has a heightened awareness of their sexuality and anyone who chooses this zodiac sign as a partner can be assured of their loyalty, and sensuality.                                                   

Love is an intensely passionate and enduring emotion to a Scorpio that may be directed at one person only.  Many of the ambitions and actions of a Scorpio are inspired by this love.

Sex is an important element of a relationship with a Scorpio and when making love this is an expression of all the pent-up passion that is hidden in this most magnetic of personalities.  Scorpio is actually the sign of the zodiac that exhibits the greatest interest in sexual matters and, as in other parts of their life, the Scorpio partner is both inventive and single-minded.

The Scorpio lover feels that they have every right to be the dominant partner in a relationship and although secrecy is part of the Scorpio personality, will be responsive and demonstrative, although there could be a degree of challenge there as well.  A Scorpio partner can be jealous and possessive and this doesn’t always sit well with other star sign partners.  Taurus is a good match on this level as they can anchor you and secure you to the earth, somehow balancing the extremes of your nature.

You know what you want from people Scorpio and you don’t see any point in beating about the bush and wasting time when you are quite clear about the direction you must take.  The people you come in contact with will instantly sense this about you, but if you are too heavy handed however this could cause others of less strength to walk away from a relationship of such intensity.

Scorpios do not enter into a relationship lightly and are only faithful when deeply in love, preferring to play the field until they meet their ideal match.  It is only then that they will give themselves totally and completely.

Be warned that the best way to send a Scorpio off into an affair with another is to relegate sex to the bottom of the list.  To a Scorpio this will immediately send out signals of rejection and this is not a path you want to tread – believe me!  Be prepared for a very rocky time if you reject a Scorpio partner.  They will want to exact revenge and a rejected Scorpio is unlikely to forgive, and will never forget, the hurt.

You have a somewhat dark and broody personality and are sometimes very difficult for your partner to fathom out.  You certainly don’t put all your cards on the table, but hold them close to your chest and only let your partner see what you want them to see.

When emotionally stressed a Scorpio can shut down, making it very difficult if not impossible for their partner to figure out what is going on.  Some of your own insecurities may be at the bottom of your desire to dominate and be completely in control of the relationship.

Scorpio men and women are wonderful homemakers and possibly the best in the zodiac. They pride themselves on the quality of their home, take great care of their family and will jealously guard their abode.

You have extremely strong principles about how your home should be organised, the neatness and orderliness is uppermost in your mind.  However your disciplinarian attitudes could take over and disrupt the very tranquility you are trying to achieve, so be less heavy handed and try to show the softer, gentler side of your personality to maintain a peaceful family home.

Scorpios are rarely demonstrative in public but the one they love will certainly know that they do when the bedroom door is closed.  This is where Scorpio shines, showing tenderness, imagination and sensuality in their lovemaking.

Although Scorpio does not put a lot of faith in romance, and may not show their feelings or emotions to others, they expect their partner to be aware of how lucky they are to be part of the world of a Scorpio.  Plenty of admiration will go a long way with a Scorpio.

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