Scorpio This Year

Scorpio Personal and Social Life 2019

Powerful good luck and instant energy are at your fingertips in 2019, Scorpio. Given your natural level of intensity, you'll need extra effort almost every day to not burn out or frazzle the people around you.

Be cool and a bit distant if necessary in February and March when instincts are tested and people become harder to read. Reserve judgment about others but don't over-idealize them - namely friends and family.

When Mars conjuncts Uranus (March 11) and when the Sun conjuncts Uranus (April 6), the Moon will be in Scorpio, affecting you more strongly than most other signs. Be braced for surprises.

Respect your physical limits, avoid overexertion, and be healthy and ambitious. Such a fiery year can be hard on a Water Sign like you, but 2019 gives you plenty of Earth energy to anchor and get you through!

Scorpio Love 2019

You may see love everywhere in the opening months of  2019, and some of it may be real. Most of it will be wishful and imaginative thinking, though, as the Moon and Neptune work their will on you this year. It can still be a great deal of fun, so long as feelings don't get hurt. Protect your heart and try to be open and kind.

Playful conversation and short trips (such as visits to art galleries, movies, parks, gardens) should be the mainstay of dates this year, with good conversation being the most satisfying. If your companion can't enjoy a good joke or share a sharp observation, the relationship may not last long.

Your love life is strongly impacted when the Sun conjuncts Mars (June 14). Turn down the heat a bit, maybe take a cool shower, and don't chase away someone great who can almost but not quite keep up with your quick pace.

September, October, and November promise many pleasant times with pleasant people. Late September (with the Lunar North Node entering Libra) is a good time to meet that truly special someone (if you're looking).

Scorpio Career 2019

Career and work are highlighted this year, Scorpio. You may acquire more responsibility and be more in the public and professional eye. This may be uncomfortable during the first half of the year, but persevere and believe in yourself, your talents and knowledge.

Sharp instincts will alert you to any unfitting challenges. Be practical but not aggressive in standing up for yourself.

If you're job searching, unexpected opportunities could pop up in January and February. Be open. If impatience mounts in April, take a deep breath, stick with it, and keep the faith. Finances look secure, so give things the time they need.

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