Scorpio This Month

Horoscope Scorpio September 

You need to work harder to project warmth and love to others until the 7th. Though you’re not a cold person, you could be coming off this way unconsciously. Fear and pessimism are the main obstructions to love, but these will be temporary.
 Your Love Planet moves into fun-loving Leo after the 7th and there is more romantic happiness. Love becomes honey – moonish. Romance is about having a good time. Another form of entertainment. And since your Love Planet is in your 10th House of Career most of the month, it is high on your list of priorities. You will be socializing with prominent and powerful people this month. Your social contacts will enhance your career and status. You know the right people. Singles are attracted to people of power – to people who can help their career and status. Your erotic zones (aside from the normal ones) are the heart and the abdomen.
 Jupiter, your Financial Planet, makes a major move out of Virgo and into Libra on the 25th. This brings about long- term financial change. Intuition will play a bigger role in finance than before. You are becoming more charitable and generous. Involvement in charities and ministries boosts your bank balance – but in subtle ways, not directly. You might take longer to make financial decisions now – Jupiter in Libra can be slow to make a decision – but the decisions (when they happen) will be good.
 In the meantime, even before Jupiter moves, prosperity is strong – probably the strongest it has been all year. Earnings come easily and almost effortlessly. The things you struggled for in previous months now fall right into your lap. Sudden windfalls come from the 20th to the 30th. Perhaps there is a lucrative job offer (very likely), or a bonus at work. Your spouse or partner is unusually generous. Elders, bosses and parents also seem generous and support your financial goals.
 Your involvement in spirituality and charitable causes will also boost your career this month – especially after the 22nd.
 Health is wonderful now. You can enhance it further by paying more attention to your intestines, hips, kidneys and buttocks. Meditative and prayer-type therapies are very effective after the 28th.
 The Moon of the 22nd will clarify friendships and your relations with organizations. Also, relevant high-tech or scientific information will come to you.
 The Full Moon of the 28th gives you extra energy to achieve work and health goals. 

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