Scorpio This Month

Scorpio - March horoscope

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)

Your home brings great comfort this month. Creative juices are flowing. Children benefit from your deep sensitivity and intuition. This is the month to dream, play and explore your capacity for intimacy. Holding onto resentment does not get you where you want to go.

Stagnation gives way to movement and relief. Important communications take place. Remember to tell the truth with integrity and compassion. The waters of your nature run deep, and this final phase of winter completes purification. This leads to greater emotional and mental well-being. Your intuition and gut felt hunches are clearer, and more reliable as the month unfolds.

Something is tugging at you, something from your past. It could be a person (likely a male, and that doesn't HAVE to mean an ex... but it could), or it could be an activity or place. It's something you believe plays an important role in your present, and even future. So, what are you waiting for? Like Marty McFly, skidaddle and reinstate this important missing piece back to the future.

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