Scorpio This Month

January 2022 Horoscope: Scorpio

Thanks to the constructive aspects of Mars ♂ throughout the month, January 2022 is a great time for Scorpions to embody original ideas and strategic plans. Initiative and courage will allow you to gain success in the professional field. At the same time, the horoscope advises to act honestly, avoiding cunning and double standards. To use creative energies effectively will require remarkable self-discipline and the ability to concentrate. But moving up the career ladder or developing a business, Scorpios should not forget about family and personal life – after all, success in business largely depends on mutual understanding with loved ones. Finding a common language with the environment and communicating your thoughts correctly can be a daunting task this month. The horoscope recommends to be polite and tactful in communication.


The positive influence of the Sun ☉ at the beginning of the month fills Scorpios with vitality. This is an excellent period for the implementation of innovative projects and social activities. After the new moon on January 2, opportunities may open up for the implementation of our plans. However, it is worth considering the square of Mercury to your Sun. The aspect will create difficulty in expressing thoughts and misunderstandings due to irritability. The horoscope for Scorpio for January recommends not rushing to conclusions and staying calm. Venus sextile for your sign can give a feeling of spiritual satisfaction. There is a chance to take a leadership position or improve skills and talents. But in the romantic and financial spheres, you should not expect a rapid forward movement. The horoscope advises: showing determination in business, rely on intuition.


In the middle of the month, Scorpios will be successful in public speaking. A good time not only to gain the support of influencers, but also to patronize others. However, the position of Mercury ☿ warns against overestimating one’s abilities. After January 16, you should not rush to plunge headlong into new things – it is better to think well how to complete old ones. For the full moon on January 18, although it is characterized by excessive sentimentality, the aspect of the Moon ☽ in the Scorpio horoscope will give emotional stability and high spirits. The second decade of the month is well suited for the development of existing romantic relationships, however, the temptation to embark on a love adventure should be avoided. Thanks to Mars, Scorpios can act boldly and independently, but the horoscope for January 2022 advises avoiding widespread coverage of their plans.


The final ten days of the month are characterized by a decrease in overall tone. Personal ambitions, however, will increase and should be directed in a constructive direction. On January 26, Mercury will change anger to mercy, moving from a square to a sextile, which activates mental potential, giving lightness and clarity of thought. At the same time, the horoscope claims that it is useful to look back and ask: are there any unresolved matters and unnoticed opportunities there. The planet of love and beauty Venus ♀ will bring grace and grace to the life of Scorpios, subject to a sense of proportion in spending and entertainment. Since January 25, having formed a sextile to your natal Sun, Mars will give you the opportunity to become a leader. Having shown will, assertiveness and courage, Scorpios will be able to convey their ideas to others and enlist their support.

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