Scorpio This Week

Do get more sleep because with the Sun opposite your sign now. Take naps and make your bedtime an appointment you don't want to miss. Fiery Mars will stimulate your sex drive in the next two months making sexual relationships intense. It will also encourage arguments and disputes about shared property, inheritances and insurance issues. Traditionally, this is not a good month to get a loan. You will likely attract powerful people to you now and might be forced into a confrontation. At the least, you will be forced to re-examine your own position on something. Fortunately, retrograde Mercury loves to re-think the past. "Was that really me?"

جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
فيديو بعنوان : شىء لا يخطر بالبال ماذا يوجد خلف الستارة
جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
فيديو بعنوان : ديك مشاكس يحاول سرقة الأكل من القطة