Scorpio This Week

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Work like every inch of progress you make is actively revolutionizing the task-at-hand, your competence at getting it done, and/or your entire relationship to work itself, Scorpio. I'm not just being dramatic here (well, no more dramatic than usual): With a forward-aiming, no-sacred-cows, open-to-innovation mindset firmly in tow, you really will be working to liberate yourself from practices and procedures which have become obsolete, are producing diminishing returns, or just don't make sense. When you proceed with this awareness, you won't do anything because 'that's just how we've always done it' (or due to any other pass-the-buck excuses for an unexamined habit). Each move is crisp and conscious, each effort obvious in its relative effectiveness… and nothing taken for granted out of undue deference to conventional (ahem) 'wisdom'. Should you have to defend your fresh-eyes approach to those who don't understand why you're bucking their implicitly-endorsed status quo, don't fixate on what hasn't been working. Speak instead in positives, about the promising potentials in doing it differently.


جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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