The Scorpio Career

Mars, being one of your ruling planets, can direct you towards independent but high pressure work and the military or police service would fit you well.  With the vitality of the Sun ruling your professional destiny, you will shine just as brightly no matter what career you choose.

Scorpios are excellent at healing professions and particularly those that will involve the intuitive part of your nature as well.  Investigating and research are interesting to Virgos and you’d make an excellent analyst or strategist, especially given your hard-working nature and dedication to a job.

You love power so other professions that may suit you well are insurance, banking, investing, stock broking, market analyst, and astrologer or psychic adviser.

Jupiter holds sway over your finances and the speculative sector of your horoscope so the stock market may be of interest to you and you should do well through investments of this nature.

You are extremely hard working, whether as an employer or employee, and loyalty and hard work are characteristic of your sign. You are self-motivated, imaginative, a problem solver and you know how to use your intuition to improve your workplace and the systems being used, sometimes much to the amazement of your colleagues.

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