Capricorn This Month

The Full Moon also occurs on Jul 2 and at this tune you could realize that you will need to make some financial adjustments in order to pursue your plans for the future. On Jul 4-6 you could be involved in discussions and plans regarding travel plans, other cultures and spiritual beliefs.

The "radical restructuring energies" will be strong at the beginning and the end of this month. Jul 1-4 could be a time when unexpected events occur involving home, family or relationships. Jul 7 should bring you some insights into these events. The New Moon on Jul 16 is in your seventh house of relationships indicating that is where your focus will be over the next four weeks.

During that time you could have an inspiring and broadening experience while attending cultural events, traveling or studying. You could be introduced to people or ideas that bring you new perspectives and insights. This would be a favorable time for a vacation. From Jul 22 to Aug 21 the Sun will illuminate your eighth house of joint finances, debt, intimacy, sexuality, psychic energies, death, rebirth and transformation. As you can see, this is a complex area and can manifest in a variety of ways. You may turn your attention to sharing with others.

This could involve money, debts, investments, intimacy, or emotional and psychological support. You could also go through a psychological transformation of your own. Mysterious, psychic or revelatory experiences are a possibility. The insights you gain now can shine a light on something that has been hidden beneath the surface.

On Jul 25-26 we will end the month as we started it, with an uptick in the radical restructuring energies. They are likely to be more challenging at this point. If you try to make something happen on Jul 27, you will find resistance and frustration. On Jul 28 things will be a little calmer. Travel, spiritual studies or just doing something out of the ordinary will be refreshing. However, the volatile energies will flare up again on Jul 31.

  Whatever occurs in your life during this period is directly related to your personal radical restructuring as discussed at die beginning of your forecast. It. is very likely that the current worldwide radical restructuring will also be reflected in the news.

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