Capricorn This Month

January 2022 Horoscope: Capricorn

The January 2022 horoscope recommends Capricorns not stingy to bestow others with an increased positive. The manifestation of generosity and generosity will allow you to feel at your best. However, do not dwell on the ego, showing condescension to your own weaknesses and laziness. This month, vigorous physical activity and hard work will become a source of replenishment of internal resources. The period is good for spiritual growth and finding harmony. Doing what you love will contribute to your well-being. It is also helpful to pay attention to children and romantic interactions. The Capricorn horoscope claims that January 2022 is favorable for ambitious plans, which will certainly be able to be realized with due dedication.


The positive transit of the Sun ☉ will strengthen the faith of Capricorns in themselves, give confidence and the desire to act independently. A great time to increase your popularity in the team and introduce progressive ideas. This will be facilitated by the semi-sextile of Mercury, giving the initiative and diplomacy necessary for the embodiment of ideas. You should not hang in the clouds and indulge in illusions – you need to clearly set goals and outline ways to achieve them. It is advisable to use the new moon on January 2 to draw up plans for the current month. The harmonious aspect of Mars will help to climb the peaks decisively, but the Capricorn horoscope advises not to advertise intentions. Venus in your sign will open up opportunities for strengthening love relationships.


In the second decade, it is useful to show creativity as much as possible: master a craft or do art. The action of Mercury will manifest itself in mental flexibility and sophistication in communication. The ability to effectively communicate thoughts to others will allow you to solve many current problems. However, from January 16, the horoscope does not promise an early implementation of ideas. However, Venus is conducive to influencing the public and gaining prestige. It is advisable not to fall into extravagance and emotionality. Mars ♂ half-sextile with Capricorn will give the ability to inspire the trust of others, thanks to friendliness and modesty. On the full moon of Cancer on January 18, the emotional background can go off scale, so the horoscope recommends spending time in a calm home environment.


The end of the month will delight Capricorns with the half-sex of the Sun, which will enhance intuition and delicacy. The influence of Mercury ☿ will increase the flow of information, make it easier to find the necessary information, which in turn will contribute to mental work. The Capricorn horoscope advises, however, to carefully check the incoming facts and monitor your own speech. The action of Venus ♀ will increase attractiveness and, probably, push for a change of image. However, it is better to leave this for the future, when the direct motion of the planet resumes. From January 25, it is advisable to act boldly and independently, avoiding confrontations and pressure on partners. The Capricorn horoscope for January 2022 recommends keeping restraint and tact.

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