The Leo Woman & Men

Aries Man March 21 – April 19

Aries is a very appealing choice for Leo, both as a lover and a friend. Both signs are very outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic about their interests. As Leo and Aries move toward a more serious romantic relationship, they should take notice of one another's need for affection. Be sure to show each other that you truly care and you will find this match to be a great coupling.

Taurus Man April 20 – May 20

Taurus and Leo come together in a fascinating friendship that can grow into something more. Both signs are very warmhearted and have a protective nature. Taurus extends the patience and love for life that Leo can appreciate. In this pairing you will find a lasting friendship that will never leave you wanting for more.

Gemini Man May 21 – June 21

A pairing between Leo and Gemini can work on many levels. The match between Leo and Gemini will contain just the right amount of differences to keep things spicy. Your Gemini man will need his freedom, as you'll need yours. Be aware of his need to be elusive. Leo should always stand her ground and enjoy her Gemini to the fullest. This match will move into the long term when both find comfort and joy with one another.

Cancer Man June 22 – July 22

Cancer and Leo are brought together by a need for a serious relationship. Cancer admires Leo's warmhearted and intelligent nature. The moodiness of the Cancer male can be the biggest strain on romance with Leo. They will need to set aside time for each other to help maintain their relationship. Leo should look to Cancer as a trusted confidant and a valuable friend.

Leo Man July 23 – August 22

When a Lioness come together with a Leo man there can be some questions as to whether they are too similar. Two Leos can match beautifully, both being very strong individuals. When the Leo woman finds her true compliment in a Leo man the relationship possibilities are endless.

Virgo Man August 23 – September 22

The Virgo man can offer a lot to the Leo woman. When taking the next step with Virgo you must be sincere and upfront. Showing Virgo that you are serious about your relationship will be the key to igniting romance. As Leo gets closer to Virgo, a side of her will be unleashed that is pure and raw. When the Lioness can let go of the daily grind of life, he will take notice and the relationship between them will blossom into an exciting and loving romance.

Libra Man September 23 – October 22

Libra men are known for their ability to captivate and entrance. Leo will be very attracted to Libra, as he will appear very fun and outgoing. Her ability to give Libra stability while keeping up with his need for an exciting social life will help this match glide through rough waters. Remember that while Libra may seem to be the life of the party, sometimes he is just looking for true affection. If you are a Leo that enjoys a fun and relaxed romance, then this is just the love match you have been looking for.

Scorpio Man October 23 – November 21

When a Scorpio man and Lioness meet there is an immediate carnal attraction. They both enjoy competition and this can make for a very exciting first date. However, letting your competitive natures define the relationship can destroy any possibility for a true romance. Your attraction to one another will be very heated, but watch out for a false sense of chemistry. Once a healthy friendship has grown between Scorpio and Leo nothing can stand in their way.

Sagittarius Man November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is undoubtedly the most fulfilling relationship that a Leo woman can find. The Sagittarius man is drawn to Leo in a very serious and loving way. Both signs are very open-minded, and Leo will find he does not ever push for compromise. Spontaneity, laughter, adventure, and passion are all in store for this pair. A match will almost always start as a very alluring friendship. When Leo is comfortable with Sagittarius, an extremely thrilling and new romance will be found.

Capricorn Man December 22 – January 19

When Leo meets a Capricorn man, a deep connection can be instant. While these two signs can be considered best as just friends, Leo can indeed find love with Capricorn. He is sensitive, intelligent, and grounded in life. Enjoy one another's love for life, and keep communication open. In this match it is important that Leo be true, do not put on a show for him. Ultimately, Leo and Capricorn will enjoy a very natural and deep friendship.

Aquarius Man January 20 – February 18

With an Aquarius man the Lioness has met her match. There will be a very mysterious attraction between these two signs. They will find the creativity and intellect shared between them very attractive. The Lioness will find she can rely on his word. Aquarian men are very deliberate when they show their affection, and Leo should rest assured this is the real deal. This match can be a fast paced romance or a first class friendship.

Pisces Man February 19 – March 20

A Pisces man and Leo make for a very short lived match. While the Leo woman can appreciate the deep emotional nature of the Pisces man, there is a side of him that just cannot keep up with her. These two will find that they have common ground, however it is not enough to fulfill each of them. Leo will enjoy forging a friendly bond with Pisces when it comes to their shared creative passions. However, moving this relationship toward romance is not advised.          

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