The Leo Love tips

Astrologically speaking the main domain of Leo is that of love affairs, entertainment and other pleasurable pursuits. This is the fifth zone of the Zodiac and the natural sign of romance and creativity. Love and the joy of social life is one of the most important attributes of your nature and this is inherent in your personality.

The fact that you are usually a happy go lucky type of person means that love is never far away from you.  You connect with others socially and romantically in a very easy way and always find yourself in the company of the opposite sex without too much effort on your part. The thrill of conquest is an instinctive urge of the Lion in both male and female of this Zodiac sign.  Finding your perfect soul mate may not be an easy task however. You are not easy to please and believe that you deserve better than you usually get.

You must never rush making a commitment and in fact doesn’t particularly concern you.  You’re quite happy to enjoy it life and explore the diverse people that come your way.  Sexual exploits are an important part of your life too.  This is more pronounced if you happen to be a Leo male.  Sexuality is to you a form of creative expression which is why you'll never be in short supply of this either.

You dominate social situations.  If you do this with your usual group of friends they usually overlook this personality trait.  When you’re in a group of strangers and try to control the situation however they may not take too kindly to this and see you as trying to muscle in on their territory particularly if love is at stake.

Often I have found Leo doesn’t find their soul mate till after they have experienced many friendships and affairs of the heart.  Satisfaction in love may not be achieved until midlife.  This is because Saturn and Uranus ruling your marriage sector. Saturn is an older planet and Uranus is progressive. Delays may be the result of this combination.

When you finally do connect with your soul mate, you do so with considerable commitment.  You have staying power due to the fact that Leo is fixed sign of the Zodiac. And you love ferociously with loyalty, affection and protection.  You are territorial about the ones you love as well.  Don’t allow possessiveness to get the better of you in marriage or long-term relationships though. This will unravel the trust and commitment you have with that special person.

You said very high standards for others if they choose to enter into a relationship with you and this would be a tall order for lesser mortals whose love may not be quite as intense and demanding as yours.  Be patient and a little more forgiving of others.  You can be a wonderful teacher Leo so "show not tell".

You have an impeccable dress sense and are always aware of the impression you make on others. You had address to attract others especially if you have your eye on someone in particular.  You rouse envy since you stand out from others and can sometimes be seen as treading on others’ turf. To avoid this, you could try underplaying your showmanship. You’ll still achieve the object of your desire.

You are very black and white in your relationships and will see your partner as either an asset or liability. It's not that you see a lover as an accessory but do you it is vitally important to have the support you need in a social and professional context and want your partner to be part of that to enhance your status and the perception of yourself in the eyes of others. You'll soon look elsewhere for someone to reciprocate the effort, loyalty and love you offer if you don't find it on someone.

When you finally marry and connect with your soul mate at the heart and spirit level, you're determined to make good your commitment to the sacred vows of matrimony.  To you, marriage is a lifelong commitment in which you’re going to give it your best shot.  On these terms, love will make Leo extremely happy and fulfilled.

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