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January 2022 Horoscope: Leo

The horoscope for January 2022 invites Leo to cope with a difficult need for him – to stop attaching excessive importance to the reactions of others. Better to focus on getting things done without wasting time on unrealistic plans. You should not enter into confrontation: the reasons may be trifling, and the consequences are far-reaching. It is advisable to moderate your stubbornness and tendency to self-admiration. It is better to postpone large purchases, outings and the signing of important contracts until spring. This is not the best time for building new relationships, but favorable for strengthening the existing ones. The Leo horoscope reports that the month is favorable for hard work and balanced physical activity, which will contribute to excellent well-being.


At the beginning of the month, the Sun ☉ is located in the quincox to Leo, which creates the preconditions for an increase in determination, independence, but also extreme stubbornness. The new Moon on January 2 can be dedicated to planning. Moreover, the harmonious aspect of ♂ Mars in Sagittarius , contributing to a surge of vitality, will help the successful implementation of the plan. Mercury in opposition to your Sun can cause heightened sense of self-worth or bouts of selfishness. The period is accompanied by irritability and nervousness. The Leo horoscope for January 2022 recommends pacifying arrogance and not being led by pride. Retro Venus, forming a tense constellation, also creates difficulties in the personal and business sphere. The horoscope advises to adhere to tact, observe your duties, not forgetting about the desires of others.


Aspects of the middle of the month largely repeat the first decade. Mercury ☿ is in opposition to the sign of Leo: the thinking of loved ones and colleagues may conflict with your personality. It is best to be patient and compromise. In addition, from January 16, the planet of contacts and commerce enters the retro phase: it is recommended to be careful in communication, not making rash promises. The tense situation of retro Venus reminds of modesty in the manifestation of feelings and the ability to be content with little. Mars in trigon to Leo will contribute to excellent performance and productivity. Horoscope for Leo advises to focus on completing current tasks, especially those related to physical activity. On January 18, the full moon in the sign of Cancer will take place, which will favorably affect the possibility of self-knowledge and a sense of inner harmony.


The ☉ Sun enters the sign of Aquarius on January 20, forming an opposition for Lions. Characterized by manifestations of leadership and assertiveness, as well as increased conflict. The horoscope for Leo for January recommends restraint. Mercury, still in the retro phase, has been visiting hardworking Capricorn again since January 26, which creates a favorable period for returning to unresolved matters. Venus ♀ continues to act tensely, so you should remember about the need to save money and moderation in expressing romantic feelings. ♂ Mars transitions into Capricorn on January 25, forming a tense constellation to your sign. Horoscope for Leo recommends maintaining a balance between the aspirations of other people and personal ambitions.

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