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Leo: September 2021 Monthly Horoscope
Your September 2021 horoscope shows an interesting month for you, Leo. This September, you will experience challenges in your work and relationships. Rest and relaxation should give you the energy and mindset you need to overcome these obstacles. Your work may be very hectic this month. Relaxation is going help you to make smart choices despite the chaos. 
Be cautious about making commitments in romance this month. While you should enjoy your many romantic opportunities, it would be unwise to make major decisions in love until the end of September. You already have a lot on your plate and should avoid further complicating things.
September 2021 Leo Love Horoscope
The single Leo is in luck this September. You'll meet several new people this month who are attracted to you. You might hit it off with each and you would make a good match with any of them. In this case, you can have too much of a good thing and these choices will only make your life more complicated.
Hold off on making any major decisions or commitments until the end of September. By then you should have less going on in other aspects of your life. With your health under control and the situation at your company stabilizing you are going to be in a good position to tackle more complex problems in your love life.
September 2021 Career Horoscope For Leo
Structural changes at your company will result in turmoil at work any may put your career in jeopardy. Don't panic. Your job is safe so long as you work extra hard this month and make smart decisions. Don't let the stress of your job get the best of you and keep a clear head.
Turn to your family and colleagues for support and find activities outside of work that keeps you relaxed and rested. Avoid drama this September. You will already have enough on your plate as it is. As long as you stay calm and focused you should make it through your career shake up just fine. 
Leo September 2021 Health and Fitness Horoscope
Even if you manage to keep your relationships mostly drama free you'll still have a lot on your plate this September will complications at work. You will have to work hard stay focused and make clear decisions. You won't be able to do this as well if you let the stress get the best of you. 
Fill your fitness routine with relaxing activities that leave you feeling well rested. This kind of fitness routine should give you the energy you need to take on challenges at work. Make your health a priority because neglecting it to focus on work would be counterproductive.

Work is never going to be as fun as doing…pretty much anything else, and this month you’ll be hyper-aware of that fact, Leo. You’ll find yourself dreaming of finding a job that feels like anything but. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a recruiter about new options or have a heart-to-heart with a friend about how to make money doing what you love. Keep thinking on it and making connections, and you’ll find the answer. You’ll also spend some time thinking over your finances. How much do you really need to make to create your perfect life and not be a slave to a job? The happy middle ground might be easier to achieve than you think.
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