Pisces This Year

Pisces is a sign that traditionally closes the classical zodiac chain. According to the horoscope, 2022  will be one of the most successful periods for Pisces. Literally from the first days of January of 2022  Jupiter, the patron of this zodiac constellation, will favor Pisces. In 2022 the general stellar position of Jupiter itself will be favorable, so its benevolence will be reinforced due to its special location. At the same time this doesn't suggest that you need to drive to the nearest gas station to buy a bunch of lottery tickets. 

 In the first phase of 2022 , which will last until mid-April, your strength will not lie in your luck. On the contrary, your thorough calculation will turn out to be the key and basic weapon which can lead to any consequences in your hands. It will be impossible to differentiate a specific area of your life that will be showered with more "bonuses". At the current moment, your main task will be the right allocation of opportunities. Don't try to concentrate all your resources on one direction. The best bet for you now will be to achieve your goal resorting to your new skills in your working area, in your love life, and in the financial and spiritual spheres. In general, a plethora of ways will be open in front of you, but remember that you cannot choose all of them at once, so try to avoid extremes. 

 From April until the end of the second decade of July of 2022 , Pisces will find themselves in a quite difficult situation in terms of energy. On the one hand, Jupiter will not weaken its influence on your destiny, but on the other hand, Mercury and Venus will set their gears in motion. And if the celestial priestess will be benevolent to you, the lord of heaven and earth trade routes may seriously mix your cards. For example, you decide to "throw" an incredibly cool corporate party, but five minutes before the start of this outstanding event the lights shut down in the whole area. And no doubt, it won't be switched back on in the next couple of hours. In general, as they say now, it sucks. However, the statement that most of us must be fed up with, "forewarned is forearmed", will again be very helpful. This is the phrase frequently used by all astrologers and this is not because of their universal tediousness. After all, the main purpose of astrology is to warn us and prevent bad things from occurring, rather than to predict our fate, as many people think. So during the second stage of 2022 you will have to restrain your desires. But if you are really itching to organize something epic, still try to keep it low-key and double-check everything ten times. 

 Starting from June of 2022 , the very peak of the summer, until the end of the first month of fall, Pisces will have to make a special emphasis on their own spiritual development. The thing is that at this time different energy levels around you will be harmonized as much as possible. That is, you'll face no obstacles at your work and you’ll follow your usual routine there; family quarrels will be an exception rather than a rule. It will be a good time to go somewhere on vacation, with the best options being the Florida Keys or Lake Superior. It's vital for you now to visit some places that are known for their great power and will fuel you with natural energy. This is as important for you as for people in your environment. This advice is particularly noteworthy for those who have decided this year (well, "pretty soon") to get married or to get a couple of noisy creatures called children. No special effort will be required from you; just follow your heart. We are definitely not talking about any "carnal pleasures" but about your destiny and fate. Overall, the year of 2022  in this regard will be crucial for many zodiac signs; for some of them to a lesser extent, and for someone like you, Pisces, to a greater one. 

 The horoscope for Pisces for 2022  shows that the entire fall and winter until the New Year will be an unforgettable period for you, full of light and bright colors, clarity and kindness. And it doesn't make a big difference what results you've accomplished during your spiritual quest at a prior stage. What will actually matter is what exactly you'll be able to conceive and how you'll treat this new information. No doubt you'll be capable of succeeding. You might have long been "suppressing" yourself; that is, preventing your natural talents from developing. Alas, most likely you partially managed to, and now you won't be able to return your potential to its full and initial strength. Don't worry; even what's left will be more than enough to change the world. Step by step, little by little, gradually, starting, as usual, with yourself. In terms of work, you'll have to become a little more vigilant and maybe suspicious. There will be lot of envy floating in the air, and not the "white" one, as they sometimes say. Although what can be bigger nonsense than "white envy"? Therefore, you will still have to take some part in the backstage affairs that will unfold around you. Take it easy, as everything will turn out well, and you won't even have to go too deep into this swamp. Almost everything will happen by itself ... you'll just need to make a couple of decisions, perhaps not the simplest ones, but the ones that will determine your energy basis for many years. The stars cannot provide you with more information than this, as from now on everything is too individual. In terms of personal relationships, don't try to impose your personal point of view on your significant other, even if you consider yourself to be one hundred percent right. You may be incredibly surprised, but this is not always the case. Therefore, it's logical to make decisions together; no wonder our ancestors used to say that two heads are better than one, and they hardly implied a genetic mutation. 

Additional Information for the Horoscope for Pisces in 2022 

 Anyway, for many representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces, 2022  will be literally permeated with a deep spiritual search. You will keep making the same mistakes over and over again; once bitten, twice shy won't apply to your case. You will have to walk the trails in order to get better at assessing the situation from different angles. This will endow you with an invaluable experience. So don't get discouraged even if the world doesn't seem perfect for a moment. In fact, it is perfect, but you need to put some effort into keeping it this way. 

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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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