Pisces This Month

The zodiac sign of Pisces will have to go through a number of tests in May 2021 . While these tests will not be as harsh as it might seem, they will definitely be serious and definitive of many aspects of their lives in the future. Despite the all-around support on behalf of the celestial bodies of the Solar System, the Pisces will have to use all of their talents and capabilities. Otherwise, they will not reach success. Such a situation will occur due to the unique combination of Jupiter and Mercury. During the current period, these two planets will interlock their energy flows in an antagonistic position, yet they will be unable to find balance among themselves. We should not forget that Jupiter is the planet-ruler of Pisces, while Mercury is responsible for the expulsion of this sign. It is hard to overestimate the scale of such a collision, but it will be even more difficult to discern reality in all the twists that fate will throw upon the Pisces. On the other side, Venus (the planet-exalt of Pisces) will be significantly reinforced due to its status as the “celestial leader” of the Water trigon. This means that the representatives of this sign will have enough life energy to overcome any situation. One small thing remaining – you should resolve your current tasks one after another, while considering the recommendations of the stars.


In terms of the work direction, May 2021 will not bring the Pisces any significant success, but you should not await any complications either. The challenges that were mentioned above will probably require you to realize when you have to move from one position to the next. That does not at all mean that you will have to change your opinion three times a month about an issue. On the opposite, standing your ground would come in handy, especially if you have real reasons to do so. Yet at the same time, you will have to be as fluid and flexible as possible, diplomatic and sometimes even sly. We are not talking about lying or misinforming your opponents, and if you think that these are the only results of trickery then you still have lots to learn. You will have to be much sharper to reach victory and if you still aren’t, then it is likely that you will find it a hard time to stand up to the wave of circumstances. That is especially true if you have your own business. Right now you need to accumulate all of your past experience and direct all your strength to resolving truly important problems. Leave details behind, they are insignificant, just focus on what is truly important for you. The opinions of others are just one more factor that you should consider, nothing more.


You should take a similar position on the love front in May 2021 . While the situation will be much more defined in the sphere of personal relationships, which does not at all mean that you will find it simpler. The result of your successful actions will be even more evident, but overall – do not rush to relax. This is not a time of harmonic creation, it is a time of fighting, an uncompromising battle that each one of us leads for our lives. Yet happiness is worth it, isn’t it? So collect yourself and look straight in the eyes of the circumstances around you. You will have enough strength to defeat them, but maybe you will have to let go of a few principles. Do not confuse having a spine with being stubborn or being brave with being insane. Sometimes the borders between these concepts are thin and these ideas intersect in the most sudden of combinations discerning which the top mastery of life is. Be fair with yourself and others, do not aim to appear better than you are. Remember that you do not owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything.

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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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