Pisces This Month

The Full Moon on Jul 2 occurs in your twelfth house of inner self. This will bring heighten your spiritual and mystical awareness. Pay attention to your dreams around this time, they could be very revealing. Relationships will be important in your life on Jul 4-6. You could become closer to someone at this time. On Jul 11-12 we will end the month as we started it, with an up tick in the radical restructuring energies.

They are likely to be more challenging at this point. If you try to make something happen on Jul 27, you will find resistance and frustration. The "radical restructuring energies" will be strong at the beginning and the end of this month. Jul 1-4 could be a time when unexpected developments occur involving money, friends, groups, creative projects, social activities, romance or children. Your work can be financially successful on Jul 7, even though conditions are still be somewhat unsettled.

The New Moon on Jul 16 indicates your focus will be on creative projects, romance, children, fun, social and recreational activities for the next four weeks. You are likely to feel more assertive in social situations and are more likely than usual to make the first move. I f you have children, they could be more active and assertive now. You may need to keep them busy. Jul 16 to 22 can be a fortunate time for creative expression, social life, entertainment, children, romance, travel, spiritual inspiration, publishing, vitality and self-image.

This will be a particularly lucky time i f your birth date is Feb 21-27.From Jul 22 to Aug 15 Venus, planet of love and harmony will be in your seventh house of relationships. During this period, you will have opportunities to meet new people and your current relationships will also be enhanced. This will be a good time for public relations, too. Other people will be attracted to you and will want to be around you. This can be a time when you could meet new friends and potential mates. Get out and about! From Jul 22 to Aug 21 the Sun will be in your sixth house of work, health and service. Routine maintenance will be on the agenda.

You will be motivated to get things in order and will be more efficient and organized than usual. You may also do some volunteer work or help others in some way. This is a good time to get your health in order and to schedule medical and dental check-ups. On Jul 28-30 things will be a little calmer. Social activities and spending time with your mate, significant other, a romantic companion and friends will be enjoyable. However, the volatile energies will flare up again on Jul 31.

Whatever occurs in your life during this period is direcdy related to your personal radical restructuring as discussed at the beginning of your forecast. It is very likely that the current worldwide radical restructuring will also be reflected in the news.

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