Pisces This Month

The zodiac sign of Pisces, the representative of the mutable cross of the Water trigon, will feel a powerful, but a varying influence of several high-energy celestial bodies in June 2022. First, this concerns Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter, which in its usual position is the planet-ruler of the Pisces sign, will maintain his classic status during this month, however, positive emanations will be replaced by negative ones – powerful enough to fully destabilize the financial side of the representatives of this sign. On the other side, Venus, due to some general active combinations, will receive powerful energetic support and by being the planet-exalt of Pisces will become an ally of this sign. However, as it is not hard to guess, the positive energy of Venus will focus on the sphere of feelings and emotions. In the end, it appears that two powerful planets will influence the lives of Pisces this month, which are luckily not antagonists and so will not enter into conflict with each other, especially since their influence will focus on separate areas of life. The energy of Mercury, responsible for the expulsion of Pisces, will be vividly negative, but comparing to Jupiter that influence will be almost negligible.


 This way, the direction of work will not bring the Pisces any positive moments in June 2022 and the representatives of this sign will have to try very hard to maintain their current positions. First, pay attention to those around you, to those with whom you have to work with. By the dawn of the first ten-day period you will already be able to discern who will be a source of problems and who will be at least neutral to you. This division does not mean anything in itself just yet, since in the future you will have to right and fight hard in a battle that will most likely end in your utter defeat. However, the warlords of the ancient times said that any defeat can turn into a victory! What should you do? Just trick your opponent, pretend that you lost and do not have the ability to get up to return fire. It important to understand that your enemy right now are not some abstract circumstances, but specific people. These are your colleagues, business partners, or maybe bosses. Their status does not have a meaning comparing to the fact of how you will act in such a non-trivial situation and how quickly will you be able to mobilize your forces.


 The love front in June 2022 will be a total opposite of the Pisces’ work direction. Nobody will be characterized by a radical change of how they view you or interact with you. However, the circumstances will change – and they will change in your favour. In this month risking will indeed be a noble deed, since everything will happen exactly the way you need it to. Of course, we do not at all imply that you should swim down the stream following the flow, with no regard to tactics or planning. On the contrary, currently you should be especially attentive in your relationship with your lover and friends. You should be especially wise, that way you will have a double advantage – not just luck, but also calculated strategy. It would be logical to assume that such a combination may bring you easy victory in almost any situation. Do not forget about that, but reach your goals and consider the wishes of other people, otherwise you will lose. 

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