The Pisces Babies

Pisces babies are old souls, born with wise and knowing personalities. Their eyes may be dreamy, but they see everything that’s going on. Perhaps that’s why so many of the zodiac’s fishies grow up to make excellent visual artists, engineers, and photographers. Caretaking Pisces can be a bit bossy with their peers. With their rich imaginations, they’ll make up games for everyone to play, but they may feel hurt if certain kids don’t want to join in the fun. If there is tension on the home front or with peers, your Pisces may even become a bully.  Creative and compassionate, they may get swept away by emotion at the expense of common sense. Having clear, firmly enforced rules at home will help Pisces navigate through life without falling under the spell of a troubled peer.


* Set them up with lots of art supplies, even a kid-friendly digital camera. Drawing and collaging will captivate them for hours.

* Pisces rules the feet, so they enjoy sports like soccer, skating, and dancing. As a water sign, they’ll enjoy splashing around in the pool and trying out for the swim team.

* Theatrical Pisces loves to be on stage, especially if they are singing and dancing in tap shoes or ballet slippers. Get them involved in a performance at a young age, especially if they can dress up.

* If they spend too much time with adults, Pisces can develop a “mother hen” or “loner” vibe. Get them socialized early in a playgroup so they learn how to integrate with their peers.

* This comfort-loving sign loves the smell of chocolate chip cookies or apple pie in the oven. Let them help you with cooking and baking. It’s a great way to bond with them.

Parenting Tips:

* These sensitive souls can get confused by their own strong emotions. Having clear, consistent rules helps Pisces feel safe and directed in the world. Set up “Family Rules” that they can memorize and repeat. Be firm about enforcing the rules, and don’t forget them yourself or your Pisces will lose trust in you.

* Monitor their TV time. The swirling colors and lights of the boob tube will bring out your Pisces’ lazy side and distract them from using their imaginations.

* This sign tends to lack boundaries and your Pisces may be a bit too trusting of people. Teaching them not to talk to strangers (without instilling fear in them) will be an important lesson.

*  Let your kid be the kid.  Compassionate Pisces may actually try to parent their parents. If you are upset, your Pisces will race to comfort you. Sweet as this is, it could steal away your Pisces youthful and trusting spirit. Be responsible with your emotions, so your Pisces doesn’t have to grow up before his/her time.

*  Don’t ever shame to punish your Pisces about a behavior or emotion (as in “you ought to be ashamed of yourself…” or “big boys don’t cry”).  They may internalize the shame and turn on themselves as teens by developing an eating disorder or substance abuse issue.

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