The Virgo Love tips

For a Virgo woman to commit to a man, everything has to be exactly right.  This could mean not finding a suitable partner until the middle years of their life.  A personality "flaw" that to onlookers would be seen as not worth bothering about can take on gargantuan proportions to the seeker of perfection, Virgo. Small things that most other star signs wouldn't even give a second thought to, can be a complete turnoff for a Virgo. Things as insignificant (to most of us) such as using the wrong cutlery at your first romantic dinner, pronouncing the wine incorrectly or any one of a thousand other seemingly small reasons is enough for a Virgo to call the relationship quits.

Virgo needs their practical and emotional needs cared for by a partner.  However you are a no-nonsense person yourself and romance may seem to be lukewarm to a prospective partner.  Not much chance of fireworks from this star sign, at least in the initial stages.

This could be the reason that many partners back off and look elsewhere for that spark.  Your brand of love and affection is rather like good wine - it can get better with time.  Patience is called for and if your partner can't settle for being shown your love in practical ways instead of wild passionate sex, then they will be out the door without a backward glance.

At the start of a relationship you can appear to be shy and reserved but once you are comfortable and establish trust you come out of your shell and are very playful and creative.  Ingrid Bergman was a Virgo and given the descriptions here would seem to be a very unlikely candidate for this star sign.  But a Virgo she was and looks at the sex appeal that just oozed from every pore of her body.  At the time of her film fame she was one of the most adored sex goddesses.

Your love life will always need communication and your lover must stimulate your brain as well as your body.  Wit, general knowledge and intelligence are paramount if this romance is to get off the ground.  Turn on your mind and your body will surely follow, much as night follows day.  One without the other will definitely not work for you Virgo.

Sexuality is an expression of true love for you and, when it comes to romance, your partner must be aware that hygiene, purity and the appropriate time and place are a must when it comes to romance. In marriage you want a long term partnership and in these modern times you could be poles apart from what most people are looking for.  Emotional commitment is not a road that everybody is prepared to travel down.

As with relationships on the whole, sexuality is a sacred area for Virgo.  This is perhaps more the case with women rather than men.  Generally however you romanticize love and see it is an almost divine bonding of two souls.  The physical aspect of your relationship is never fulfilling enough if the intellectual component is missing.  Crass or crude individuals need not apply for a relationship with Virgo! If you feel confident that someone has covered all bases -mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, you'll have no problem sharing the deepest recesses of your soul with them.

If Virgo is hurt in love it takes a considerable time for them to recover from the wounds. Regaining trust can take a long time indeed. Because your idea of perfection is so ingrained, learning that all humans are subject to flaws is one of the most important lessons you will learn in life. Chasing a fantasy must be tempered with the reality of human imperfections.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, will give you a youthful attitude well into old age.  It proves that growing old gracefully is not something that you aspire to.  You can have a wonderfully satisfying relationship with humor and role-playing with the partner of your choice.

Virgo has a sense of humor, looks younger than the actual years on the calendar might suggest and maintain a sprightly and light-hearted attitude well into their senior years.  Lucky you, Virgo.

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