The Virgo Career

Success is easy for most Virgos and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding satisfaction through your work.  Virgo being the sixth sign of the Zodiac regulates employment, work and service and so work is a natural fit for you.

Work is not something you do just to pass the time.  You take it seriously and want to do your best.  To you, work is not only about taking home your pay packet.  You are not a clock-watcher and will diligently do what it takes to perfect your work and turn out the best quality in anything that you do even if it happens to be menial in the eyes of others.

You have incredibly good executive ability and your organizational skills are excellent.  You can manage people as well because you have a knack of communicating and mediating between different parties, sometimes with very diverse views.  You're able to harmonize and stabilise your workforce if you are an employer and if an employee, you have a sense of dedication and loyalty to those who give you opportunities in life.

Because you have such a deductive mind, careers which involve math, logic, science and other intellectual skills will ideally suit your disposition.  Problem solving, human relations and dietetics or health-related fields could also fit comfortably with you as a career choice.

Any line of customer service, irrespective of the industry would serve you and your employers well as you have an inbuilt desire to provide satisfaction to your clients.

As long as you work in an environment that is conducive to a harmonious mental state and physical well-being, you should perform well and, slowly but surely you will achieve your goal of success.

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