Virgo This Week

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): There are rarely moments this ripe for unequivocally describing what will make you happiest, Virgo, so the person(s) presently best situated to provide it can actually satisfy your predilections… or at least so that you all can come to terms with their inability and/or lack-of-desire to do so. That's why you'd best refrain from telling yourself you're being 'needy', trying to downplay the 'drama' of navigating hurt feelings or dashed expectations, and/or refusing to accept that relationships are living-and-breathing extensions of ourselves which, therefore, must evolve along with our changing life-circumstances and self-definition. Everything you fear is too touchy, messy, awkward, confusing, or potentially painful is a source of your exquisitely fallible, emotion-driven humanity—the singular quality upon which our most accepting, nurturing, healing, and honest partnerships are based, since the only way to authentically share a life with somebody is to share yourself with them. To give yourself more of that, be real about your likes and dislikes. Otherwise, ask yourself how you could ever become happier with someone you can't 'be real' with.


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