Virgo This Week

In case you hadn't noticed, Virgo, this faster-paced personal evolution you are so privileged to be experiencing this year (thanks, Jupiter!) comes along with its inevitable disruptions to any longer-term interpersonally-intimate associations which aren't naturally evolving as quickly. For you to handle all the business related to growing into your latest-and-greatest rendition of self, you can't help but disappoint, disconcert, or dumbfound those who are unduly attached to that now-outdated former version. And I suspect this realization is neither brand-new nor easy to stomach, since I'm sure you'd prefer to keep everyone else happily reassured… even as you know you probably can't do so without sacrificing ripe personal opportunities. I tell you all this now, at a moment when this rub is becoming more conspicuous, in order to ready you for a few-weeks' period in which explicitly having the necessary relationship-minded conversations with those most closely impacted by your burgeoning developments is powerfully favored. Be aware, however, that you're liable to experience some challenging emotions within yourself, if you're indeed being honest and forthright with the other person. You'll have to steel yourself not to cave on this front, in some misguided effort to 'take care' of them. If you really care, you must be fair and upstanding in living your truth.


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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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