Virgo This Week

Talking to family members or people you live with will be productive this week, thanks to a cooperative angle between Mercury in your depth house and Saturn in your home angle. It would be particularly useful to deal with a problem involving trust, jealousy or money or work on a research project from home. The lunar eclipse spans your worth and sharing sectors, further highlighting issues related to mine versus ours. You’re in danger of overspending, as your emotions and your needs are intertwined at the moment. The eclipse is drawing your attention to your personal values and how you feel about yourself, your talents, your finances, your earning potential and your possessions. It calls for you to balance what you have and what you share; what you can get for yourself and what you rely on others for; what you try to stabilize and what you try to transform. You might get upset if you feel you don’t have the resources to enjoy life the way you want to. With controlling Pluto in your love zone arguing with the eclipse, difficulty with a romantic partner is a possibility. Turn up the volume on the optimist in your head, and hush your inner critic.

جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
فيديو بعنوان : معقول هيك ردة فعلو هههههه
جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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