Virgo This Week

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): If I had to sum up the direction your life ought to be moving beginning this week, Virgo, it would go something like this: Work really extra-super hard, make the absolute most of your off-time, and say as little as you can get away with. On the first part, the arrival of warrior-workhorse Mars to your house of day-to-day duties (the 6th) will grant you six weeks of reactivating juice for powering through any backed-up heaps of shit-to-do, tackling that task you've been postponing (because you know how much effort it'll take), and/or organizing your priorities into the proper order-of-importance. This Mars injection can also aid you in ramping up a diet, exercise, and/or health-promoting regimen… though you will have to beware of overdoing anything, as a result of feeling overconfident due to this temporary boost in apparent determination. On the second part, meanwhile, Venus moseys into your 5th, one of its favorite houses thanks to its ability to amplify your charms, attract beauty and romance, and add a certain likability or panache to whatever you're doing for fun. (What a gorgeously pleasant companion-transit to complement all that extra-super-hard work!) And on that last part? Mercury will land in your 4th by week's end, a place where relative silence serves you best, particularly if you've got some thoughts to mull over before involving others in a discussion.


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