Virgo This Month

Virgo - March horoscope

VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)

Your no nonsense approach to life is thrown for a loop. People come out of nowhere, requesting your services, and diverting attention to their needs. Although this month is a balancing act for you, there is much to learn and receive in the reflection of another’s life.

There is a tendency to over-commit, and work may stand in the way of social engagements. Keeping all in perspective, this month takes you out of the doldrums into a larger range of activity. It is possible to develop alliances of appreciation, respect and support. May your tendency to pick things apart be a healthy discernment of life direction in balance with your relationships.

A relationship you've considered parting ways from suddenly improves. Maybe they got wind of how you were feeling, maybe they just got over themselves. Something will be left behind (it might be a bad habit, a grievance, an accusation...) and, in doing so, a new confidence and optimism in your future together arises. Heads up, look forwards, make plans, have fun. Happy dayz...

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