Virgo This Month

Horoscope Virgo September 

Most of the planets are in the East and there is a planetary convention in your own Sign of Virgo – 40-50 per cent of the planets are either in Virgo or moving through Virgo. Mercury, your Ruler, moves forward on the 2nd. Personal confidence and self-esteem are unusually strong. You are
 charismatic now. You get your way now (sometimes a mixed blessing, especially in love). Personal independence is strong. You act boldly and with confidence. You feel that you are on an adventure – and indeed you are. By now you are clear as to where you want to go, and you can drive your high-powered car to get there. Progress will be more rapid now.
 Prosperity was strong last month, and is even stronger now. Speculations are favourable all month – but the calculated ones work best. A good speculation now will not be rash and wild – the one that satisfies both the heart and the mind is the best. Financial intuition is good after the 7th. Finances are guided in dreams and by psychics, astrologers, gurus, channels or ministers. There is more charitable giving now. You are much freer with your money these days – more confident. But the major financial headline is Jupiter’s move into your Money House on the 25th. This is increasing the value of assets you already own, and unlocking the value of what you already have. Some of you might be sitting on great wealth and not even realize it. There could be junk in your attic that is valuable. You have talents that you never knew were marketable. You have social connections that you never realized could lead to prosperity. Wealth is seeking you out rather than vice versa. It is pursuing you ardently (and always was, but you never knew it). Jupiter is revealing all these things now. The world is calling you lucky, but really, a planetary genius merely turned the light on in an area of your mind.
 By the end of the month, 40 per cent of the planets will be in your Money House. An unusual percentage. Many, many people, powers and situations are conspiring to bring you wealth. Enjoy.
 Besides the increase in wealth, this is a month of great sensual delight. Sensual fantasies are being fulfilled. You are leading the good life (happily, being a Virgo you’re not likely to overdo it).
 There are many love opportunities this month. But again, how long will this last? The lesson is to enjoy the love that you have at the moment and not concern yourself with the future. 

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