Virgo This Month

The Full Moon also occurs on Jul 2 in your sixth house of work and health. You could decide to make some alterations in your health and work habits that will make your life easier. Jul 4-6 will be a fortunate time for sharing and caring in your relationships. This would be a good time to get away with someone special. The "radical restructuring energies" will be strong at the beginning and the end of this month. Jul 1-4 could produce some challenges involving friends, causes, expenses, romantic or social relationships. Jul 7 will be a good time to get away from die hustle and bustle of the world, eitiier alone or with someone very special. The New Moon on Jul 16 will be in your eleventh house of friends, groups and future plans indicating something new in that area of your life will start around this time and will be developed over the next four weeks.  You could also get involved in political, environmental or humanitarian causes. You will be concerned with issues that involve large groups of people and future events and will want to take action now! Jul 16 to 22 will be a very fortunate time for the above activities. Your active energy will be tempered by your spiritual and compassionate attitude and connection with others. A relationship could become closer due to a mutual desire to be of benefit to a higher cause. Venus will grace you with charm and the power of attraction. Your willingness to compromise and your agreeable nature will make people want to be around you. Your appearance will be more important to you now.

This would be a good time to get a makeover, buy new clothes, take a vacation, or do something just for yourself. From Jul 22 to Aug 21 the Sun will illuminate your twelfth house of inner self and the mystical side of life. Although Venus just peeked out into the world (see above), you still will need some alone time. You will enjoy quietly day-dreaming, imagkiing, meditating, studying spiritual subjects or communing with nature. You are apt to feel more compassionate and sensitive now and may feel drawn to help others in some way. Solitary activities will be very enjoyable and restorative for you during this period.

This is a time of rest and restoration. Take care of your inner needs now to prepare yourself for more active times just ahead.However, get back to home base by the evening of Jul 26. On Jul 27-31 we will end the month as we started it, with an uptick in the radical restructuring energies. They are likely to be more challenging at this point. If you try to make something happen on Jul 27, you will find resistance and frustration.

On Jul 28-30 things will be a little calmer. Friends and inspirational activities will be enjoyable. However, the energies will flare up again on Jul 31. Whatever occurs in your life during this period is directly related to your personal radical restructuring as discussed at the beginning of your forecast. It is very likely that the current worldwide radical restructuring will also be reflected in the news.

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