Virgo This Month

The representatives of the zodiac sign of Virgo will think of June 2022 as not an entirely positive time, despite the fact that the most powerful waves of negative energy will pass them by. However, just Neptune responsible for the expulsion of Virgo will be enough to bring many problems to those born under this sign. At the same time, the sphere of entrepreneurship will seriously suffer from the negative influence of Venus, responsible for the fall of Virgo. Despite the fact that the true dominion of this treacherous planet is the sphere of emotions, her influence on the financial direction will be strong enough. Therefore, you should consider that first. However, not everything will be totally bad, since Mercury – the planet-exalt of Virgo will maintain its position and the beneficial influence associated with it. That means that the representatives of this sign will receive enough life energy, especially considering the fact that Mercury is usually the ruler of Virgo.


 More or less, but the work direction of June 2022 will force the Virgos to seriously think over their behaviour. From the very first days of the month, your colleagues and business partners will unambiguously hint that you are wrong at how you prioritize and that people have enough of your ego. However, do not rush into open confrontation, especially if you sincerely do not understand what we are talking about. Those who acted right until this moment would not hear something of this kind. So if you think that you are being wrongly accused, then you are making a mistake. Moreover, you have been doing this for a long time and the mistake you were making was very big. Stop and think what you are doing wrong. In the end, compare yourself to others, to your friends and close ones. This is not the best method, but right now a vivid example is more important than other aspects. Look the truth straight in the eyes, whether you are truly a good person and whether you should be considered a true and a verifiable ally. Analyze the current situation by focusing on your relationship with management. If you have your own business, then be especially attentive in regards to the HR policy. Focused critique is a great deed, one which can make any of us better. So if someone does not agree with your opinion, it is a great chance to try out the veracity of your life stances.


 In terms of personal relationships, in June 2022 the Virgos must only remember one thing: no one will be cool with your ego except you. In many ways, the events that occur on the love front will be fully connected with the current situation on the work front. This is not at all accidental. In your relationship with your lover there is a turning point that you will see and either you correct your mistakes, or will be left alone for an ambiguously long period. Concentrate and subject yourself to powerful self-analysis, since all your problems are a result of your mistakes. Do not run away from your problems, do not lie to yourself, and do not separate yourself from your close ones, especially those that are trying to help you. Overall, your personality is distinguished by significantly larger flexibility than you imagine and the only barriers are the ones you place yourself. That is why you should not run away from reality. If you have an opportunity, then play sports or at least go to the gym. Run in the morning or evenings, go to a gym, or practice breathing exercises. No matter what, do not argue if you feel that you might not be right. Learn to control your emotions and the world around you will change.

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