Virgo This Year

For Virgos the year of 2022  can be described as a positive phase of life, not particularly dynamic, but intense, the outcome of which could be reasonably bright and beneficial. Everything will depend largely on the ability of Virgos to overcome the dark side of their own nature. In this regard, we are not dealing here with some kind of "subtle" metaphysics, but with real actions. In general, as they say, use your "brains" and do not miss out on the chance to make the world around you a little better. A surprisingly ambiguous zodiac sign, Virgo, according to the horoscope for 2022 , will experience a powerful, in fact, even abnormal exposures to Mercury. Roughly speaking, the situation will be in full compliance with the proverb: from bad to worse. 

 From January to mid-April (or to be more precise, until the end of the second decade of this month of spring) you will have to work, as they say, tooth and nail, but everything will turn out exactly the way it should. This will be especially true if at the end of the last year you went through a kind of radical change in your life; not spontaneous, but a planned one. Of course, first of all it will concern your working field, which is why the enhanced impact of energy flows of Mercury will come in handy. You will take pleasure from your work, perhaps for the first time in your life! If we are talking about the Virgos who run their own business, then for them everything will be pretty standard. Up till the middle of spring, you will feel an incredible surge, an upbeat fountain of energy and more importantly, you will be able to "charge" people around you with this energy. If you are not self-employed but hold a high-ranking position, this time will be incredibly advantageous for you. You will be able to gather a surprisingly bright and powerful team of professionals around you that will make your career advancement possible in the near future. Things won’t be so successful for Virgos who hold low-ranking and ordinary positions. That is, you will be truly in love with your job too, grinding away like a true dwarf, but the outcome in most cases will be quite expected without any extraordinary profits on your horizon. At the same time you will need to pay particular attention to the sphere of your personal relations. It’s unlikely that you will catch your wife or husband cheating, but it's better to display more warmth, tenderness and affection towards your partner as well as the above mentioned attention and control. 

 From the end of April of 2022 and up to the peak of summer, the situation will change dramatically. And even despite having a strong inner core, so typical of all Virgos, many of them, as they say, can go soft. Do not be surprised and take it easy if your holiday unexpectedly fails due to another fad of your "second half". The stars tell us that you have two options. On the one hand, your relationships should have come to their logical conclusion, though not very positive, a long time ago; on the other one, it is your excessive selfishness that you need to blame for everything. As the saying goes, think and decide for yourself. But despite the relatively high probability of the occurrence of such a situation, the sphere of your personal relations at this stage will be incredibly successful for you. It’s a fact, albeit inexplicable! Or maybe you will finally get rid of the relationship that was literally "killing" you. This is a very individual matter and two similar situations are unlikely to be found here. Your horoscope only identifies general features of the picture, forms unique patterns that only you can fill in. You might end up going on vacation (by the way, it is best not to plan trips abroad at this time) and meet your destiny; you didn’t think this happens only in movies, did you? On the contrary! Romance and reality are pretty much compatible, especially if you want it with all your heart. The large corporations claim that "dreams come true", and it should be noted that this advertising does make sense. If are not sure about something, take your time and think it over. Analyze your feelings and emotions, but it is logical to put your reason at the forefront of the struggle, despite the tendency of the current stage to go towards shameless romance. This will definitely be the right decision, especially if you take into account that your working area will suffer from some misunderstanding, not large-scale, but still requiring a timely decision. 

 The next stage in 2022 will strike Virgos as probably the most tranquil. The fall and early winter will merge into a single phase, which will be characterized by quite a harmonious state of your "love life" and positive trends in your working area. That is, all the moments that were relevant throughout the current year will find their development, though not dynamic, but stable enough. If you have previously laid the foundation for steady growth in your financial well-being, then by the beginning of the winter you come out strong and this position will help you and your business prosper. As far as your personal relations are concerned, your new acquaintances and connections are unlikely to bring about the desired results. However, if it comes to making the choice of whether to continue your relationship or not, do not rush to make fundamental decisions, particularly regarding the issues that have once hurt you. It’s clear that you are a skillful jack-of-all-trades, but there are players who might be even more skilled than you. So do not gamble too much, even if it seems to you that you are on top of your game, because the decisions made in this period will have a lasting impact. Mercury will no longer be as strong as before, but Venus, on the other hand, will get activated and will specifically target the "weaknesses" in your "defense". 

Additional Information for the Horoscope for Virgos for 2022 

 Take it easy if something goes wrong in 2022 ; refrain from pulling your hair or tearing your shirt. Everything will be in a state of harmony, and what will be required from you is a sober mind and goodwill. You’ll need to suppress your selfish tendencies and hide them far away; otherwise, your spiritual search may end up in total degradation. Your horoscope recommends that the representatives of the zodiac sign of Virgo turn to their inner world, focusing on the self-improvement of their perception and the eradication of their negative traits and qualities. The time will come when you realize that there is a need for change. 

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