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Virgo 2023 horoscope

The 2023 Virgo horoscope predicts that in general, your year will move at a slow pace, but advance at the same time. You may not feel like you are making as big of an impact as you would like to, but it will all pay off in the long run.

"All is rotten in the state of Denmark!" Everything is great, but not really. Hasn't the time come for you to step back and take a look at the big picture? With the advent of 2023 the view out the window is the same as usual, in the glass is the same tea as before, but why is there a lump in your throat that prevents you from enjoying life? On the one hand you won't say this; for Virgo everything in general is excellent and there are even those who envy you. Everyone except you! Virgos can't believe in their own happiness, even when told to your face, you are fully able to dismiss what was said, that all of it isn't about you… 

Yes, it's difficult for those around you to understand what's going on with you, especially when Virgos themselves can't give a clear answer. The energy of 2023 is in such sharp contrast to you, that one can't avoid paying attention. In the Year of the Fire Rooster 2023, those born under the sign Virgo need an urgent reload! You need a breath of fresh air, which like a good gulp of hot tea in freezing weather will course through your body in a chain reaction, melting the frozen icy knots in your soul, giving you freedom and changing you from within like magic! From outside, everything is very simple and all you need to change a minus to a plus, giving hope to your seriously wounded soul… but how? 

For you this is an untrodden path. It's difficult for you to find that one way, to understand and carry out a sequence of necessary actions leading to victory. Take note, changing yourself is extremely hard, so for you, dear Virgo, such transformations will only be given with very significant effort. At any moment Virgos may find themselves in complete solitude… grasping at air in absolute darkness. You are so offended that the truth once again has slipped away from you. How did this happen? And is this even important for you? Perhaps you need to look in a completely different place? The search for a life formula might occupy the intellect of Virgo for such a long time… exactly until that moment when you are fully tranformed… They say in order to change the mind, most of all you need to change the heart; that in order to change, the heart seizes a new feeling; and that in order to change life, one life is not enough - you need to meet another. And judging by the prognosis for 2023, this is what must happen with you. In other words, in the horoscope for Virgo in The Year Of The Red Rooster 2023 there is a place for hope! Someone will appear in your fate who will change your life… 

But this is all just one side of the coin… on the other side, you Virgos are not inclined to dramatize. In addition, not all representatives of your zodiac sign are prone to significant change from the influence of the coming period (it should be noted, that this manifests itself more strongly with age.). You may not even notice the coming changes. For you 2023 may be exactly the same as the series of other years… for you all possible "dissonances" will vanish together with the departing joys of the last new year's holiday. And this isn't bad! 

Anyway, the Year of the Red Rooster 2023 will be quite varied. Let us analyze in detail which aspects of the 2023 horoscope must be paid attention to for members of the Virgo sign. And so… in 2023 the zodiac sign Virgo will have to survive quite a few truly interesting moments, although right away it must be said as a whole this will be a relatively neutral time; a period when the lives of Virgo won't undergo fundamental changes in a physical sense, whereas a reappraisal of values, self-orientation in society, the search for your place under the sun, etc. will have a place. The thing is, the symbol of 2023 - the Fire Rooster, the patron of this current time period - is logically related to the element of Fire, which is, naturally, reflected in its name. At the same time, Virgo is a sign of the element Earth, and there it is important to understand that Fire and Earth are not clear antagonists, adversaries or allies. These elements interact indirectly by necessity, so to speak. On the other hand, this is a very relative formulation. Of course there is interconnection, but it is indirectly through other elements, so for its part it means a complex chain of degeneration of energy in the Taoist system of the five first elements Yu-Shin. However, without going into details, everything may emphasize that for members of the sign Virgo, 2023 will nevertheless have a mass of multi-vectored nuances, defining both the positive and negative events of the coming year. 

In the horoscope for 2023 we will try to take into account the most important of these in order to at least be ready for future events and possibly neutralize the potential negative, as it's called, on the way. In this sense, the Fire Rooster will allow Virgo to realize his plans, although (as we discussed above) with certain qualifications. First of all, the most important factor is the fact that in essence 2023 will not be in harmony with the energy of the zodiac sign Virgo. But! And this is important! Although such a claim in fact means that for Virgo the year 2023 won't be strewn with roses, nevertheless 2023 will not be unfavorable. It's not even a stop before the start! Dear Virgos, you must perceive 2023 as a lyrical departure… For example, more likely than not, 2023 will not reward you with the general directorship of a company, but a raise and a promotion along the work ladder are possible. Remember, in order to succeed and not fall into a spiral of depression, Virgos must change and adjust to new conditions in 2023. Dear Virgos, in this year you must act a bit more calmly than usual, although the general dynamic characteristic of your zodiac sign will be preserved. Cunning and the ability to adapt to changing conditions will become a characteristic, thanks to which Virgos will be able to achieve their intended objectives. 

In a certain sense the Year of the Red Rooster 2023 can naturally be divided into several steps and each can necessarily be characterized separately. In particular, the first step, which begins with the onset of the Year of The Fire Rooster, concludes in the first third of June 2023. This is quite a long interval of time, occupying almost half the year, but this time will probably be the most important in the career of Virgo - at least relative to the current position of things. It's necessary to be especially attentive regarding the range of goals you are planning to resolve. If you are the executor, then the stars and the planets (in particular, the steward of your sign - Mercury) recommend holding off on initiatives at the beginning of 2023, and then slowly increasing the level of your influence. Be a bit patient, look around at what you are planning, correlate what you see with what your colleagues or opponents are doing, gather maximum information, and start the more active deeds in spring. With such a breakdown, the active position of Mercury relative to your zodiac sign will match your strivings, strengthen any creative impulses, heighten your ability to work, and increase your potential profit. Closer to the start of summer you yourself will understand that it is worth focusing more exclusively on interpersonal relationships. Here career will move to the back burner and this will be an exceptionally positive moment because at this moment your interference is not needed in this sphere. In the first half of 2023 the Fire Rooster will help leaders come up with quite a few complex solutions. The important thing is to orient yourself to your own senses, learning the opinions of others, but not putting them higher than your personal plans. 

From approximately the end of the first third of June and right up to the conclusion of the Year of the Fire Rooster (February 15, 2018) work tempos will decrease a bit, then quite a few possibilities will appear for Virgo to earnestly deal with family questions. In this moment in your life there will probably emerge a few curious tendencies that will be distinguished by their ambiguity of potential. Here it is necessary to remember one thing: Now, if you don't know what you need to do, try to stay alone with yourself. A two-three day rest in a country house will really be suitable. Solitude sometimes helps the solving of such questions, although, of course, for Virgo such a variant is not characteristic. Nonetheless, the Year of the Red (Fire) Rooster 2023 is a year of clear changes, so you must change. From this you cannot escape and it is better to accept it as soon as possible (it will definitely be simpler for you afterwards). Be smart in your decisions and measured in your actions, don't blindly leap into the first adventure that seems amusing to you. Even if your very best friends advise you to participate, trusting in the absolute safety of the deal, don't rush in. Listen to your own heart, in the truest sense of the word. Don't be under the thumb of instincts and their frankly greedy desires. 

This period of 2023, speaking frankly, in general will not aspire to success in business or career, however it is an excellent time to not only review your relationship to life, but also in a very clear way to change yourself. The apotheosis of this stage will come in the middle of November 2023. At this time the influence of Venus, depending on the fall of the sign Virgo, will be maximal. And this means that your relationships will survive a serious crisis, the result of which will become… naturally, this already depends entirely on you. But have no doubt there will be significant changes, and judging by Virgo's horoscope, the most pleasing is that the heavens will grant you all the opportunities to fully satisfy you in the final analysis. 

The second half of November and December of 2023, as well as the first month and a half of 2018, which are also part of the year of the Red Rooster according to the eastern tradition, are difficult to characterize unambiguously. Up to this moment all the most important events have already occurred, and all the most significant changes in you yourself have already taken root (or if they haven't taken root, they are in your hands). However, this period is important in the aspect of contemplation and perspective. At the end of 2023 at the junction of eras, Virgos can make especially important decisions that will turn out to be the most immediate influence on your future fate. Don't be afraid to act uncharacteristically. Surprise others. In this context the Red Rooster will turn out to be entirely on your side. The time will come and you will understand that namely in these moments you lived what is called a full life. And in order not to regret anything in the future, don't be afraid of your desires! Dear Virgo, for you 2023 is a year of transformation! Be happy in 2023!

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