The Taurus Love tips

As a native of Taurus, you understand perfectly well what I’m talking about when I reveal your fidelity and good, old-fashioned commitment to the institution of love, marriage and family life.

You value love, friendship and the security that goes with having stability in your life with someone that you know and trust on all levels. In fact, it can be devastating for you to feel that your honour or trust as been broken and this is why, for some Taureans anyhow, it takes a little bit longer for them to make that commitment, feeling it necessary to investigate and understand another person clearly and deeply before giving their hearts over to them.

Once you choose to embark on the path of love with someone, they may need to prepare themselves for your dogged and relentless fixity of purpose and inflexibility at times on your opinions. Hopefully, you’ll meet someone who is not perhaps as strong-willed as yourself as a clash of egos is likely if your partner is as or more opinionated than yourself.

You have a clear idea of how you like things to be done and where you want your life to take you. Once you’ve made your mind up, it’s very difficult for your partner to change it. Compromise will be one of your key words and lessons in life on your journey of love. If you can yield, not in everything, but even at times in small matters, this will go a long way towards knocking the edge off otherwise tense relationships.

Sensuality and sexuality are of prime importance to the Taurean – not simply for the sake of pleasure but for the deep and abiding bonding that occurs through physical intimacy. Although Venus is the primary ruler of Taurus, Mars ruling the sign of Scorpio is the marital and personal relationship planet for those of you born under this star sign.

This combined influence of Venus and Mars makes you highly sexed, erotic and keenly interested in exploring the deeper issues of sexuality in relationship. In the less evolved type of Taurus, however, this can dominate the relationship and create power struggles between lovers. Try to keep the physical and pleasurable elements of your relationship in perspective.

Because security, material and creature comforts are of significance to you, you’d need a partner who can fulfil these deeper, instinctive Taurean needs. It’s not that you measure the value of another person by how much they earn or by what they have, but you are a pragmatist, a person who realises the ways of the world and that it can be difficult to exist in our modern day society without financial independence which affords you the freedom and peace of mind that you aspire to.

On the other hand, there is a simple and uncomplicated part of the Taurean nature which means the day to day simplicity of life also appeals to you. Sitting on a bench under an open, clear, blue sky with the sound of birds and the wind rustling through the trees is enough to make you feel alive and emotionally and romantically satisfied with your partner if you can share these things in the same measure with them and feel that they appreciate nature and the simple things in life as well.

Your partner needn’t lavish expensive gifts on you for you to feel content. A loving look, a hug or simply an SMS text or email letting you know that they’re thinking of you is more than enough to make your day.

The end result of a compatible relationship for Taurus should always include the potential for having children and taking the relationship to that next, most important stage of family life. Your partner must share these values with you if you are to feel truly fulfilled in a relationship. Your nurturing, compassionate and loving ways are seen perfectly in your ability to create a wonderfully harmonious domestic environment in which children and your partner take pride of place.

Creating a safe haven for your family is an instinctive talent that Taureans possess – both men and women of this sign. When friends or relatives visit they feel comfortable in an atmosphere of love and nourishment, which is what you endeavour to create as the crowning glory of any relationship you value.

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