The Taurus Career

Taurean workers are the backbone of the workplace, having huge amounts of energy and the discipline to carry through to the end. They are determined, persevering and excellent in the way they approach their professional chores.

If you’re born under Taurus you have an excellent work ethic because you like to do a job well and even if at times the work you’re asked to do is menial, you will do it to the best of your ability, and this is what makes you an invaluable addition to any workplace scenario or company looking for dedication, skill and reliability.

Your work sometimes causes you stress, however, especially if you’re rushed or there is a demand upon you to do your work in a way which is outside your comfort zone or structure of thinking. You prefer therefore to do things more slowly and on your own terms. In the modern age, however, this can present you with problems as deadlines now seem to dominate most workplace agendas. Maintaining a high level of excellence as well as meeting these deadlines could be a delicate balancing act for many Taureans who like to work at a slow, steady pace rather than cutting corners and risking the quality of the work.

Occupations which best suit Taurus are real estate, finance, banking, interior design, architecture, fashion, fabrics, make-up and any of the styling services. I’ve also found Taureans, both men and women, to be excellent culinary advisors, cooks or chefs, and therefore home sciences and also horticulture and gardening are excellent paths of employment for you.

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