Taurus This Week

Interpersonal vibes are looking up, Taurus, with the arrival of your ruler Venus to your relationship house (the 7th) near week's end… and the departure of fierce-and-fiery Mars from your 8th early next week, after its many months of scraping crusty mud from your psyche-walls. By now, you have a pretty damn good idea about what your version of 'moving on' will look like during this closing stretch of the year. The most reasonable, constructive, non-antagonistic step you could take this week to usher in this moving-on entails basically stating aloud what you're excitedly looking forward to doing next, what you've learned will deliver you the purest pleasures, and/or what you believe is important to more clearly prioritize in this upcoming chapter. For anybody who's been earnestly paying attention to you, none of this should come as a surprise. I'm sure you've uttered many of these same personal truths before (although perhaps not quite as clearly or confidently), and it's good to reiterate yourself for the sake of consistency. But it's not your job to make the other player(s) okay with any of it, or even to take you seriously. Your doubters may tell themselves they'll 'believe' it when they 'see' it. However, you will be moving on—sooner rather than later, at long last. Consider this week's outwardly expressed statements as your final fair-warning: This is what I'm going to do. That's not an invitation for further negotiation or conflict, just a description of what's about to happen.


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