Taurus This Week

By the time this week draws to a close, Taurus, I suspect you'll have an unmistakably obvious sense of where your concept-level, goal-setting mindset (and all the official hoops it must tactfully squeeze itself through) is being blocked in realizing its vision by a certain stubborn someone (and/or your need to factor some other terribly inconvenient interpersonal consideration into the equation). If you haven't already identified the terms of this battle by now, please pay extra attention to the specifics of what annoys the fuck out of you this week… especially as it relates to another individual (and/or other people in general) standing in the way of your constructively integrating your great ideas into the overall strategy. Don't fear the standoff, as it's practically useful to know as much as about the opposing side's motives and maneuvers as possible, though there's no reason to purposely get nasty. From here on out, this whole dynamic will only veer further into the depths of what's really at stake—and, because your triumph incontrovertibly depends on your holding the long view, this is no time to lurch toward whatever red-button will turn this nuclear real fast. Starting next week, you'll probably need to seek some outside assistance, whether by soliciting advice from folks who see 'the whole picture' and/or by actively recruiting allies to fight alongside you.


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