Taurus This Month

The representatives of the zodiac sign of Taurus will find themselves in such a situation in April 2019 that they will find it hard to describe it. On one side, Pluto – responsible for the expulsion of this sign, will be reinforced significantly and his negative energetic emanations will receive a radical upgrade. Venus, due to some of its individual combinations with the other bodies of the Solar System, will not be able to fully fulfill her duties as the planet-ruler. As a result, the influence of Pluto will be blocked by just Saturn, which in his usual position is responsible for the fall of the sign of Taurus. However, the Ruler of the Celestial Rivers of Time will not have enough strength to argue with the devious Pluto. At the same time, the Moon – the planet-exalt of Taurus, will strengthen the dynamic of its energy due to its current status as a “celestial leader” of the Earth trigon. As a result, an active influx of life energy will come, which means that the Moon will not be able to affect the lives of the Taurus directly, but will provide him with enough energy for him to be able to fight for his own. Whether this energy will be sufficient to overcome Pluto is another question and it is yet unclear how the Black Moon will behave, although it should generally be on the side of the Earthlings.

In regards to the sphere of finances and entrepreneurship, in April 2019 the zodiac sign of Taurus may await some relatively modest profit. That means that if you have your own business, then you should not hope for great returns this month, it is likely that in reality the revenue will be less than average. The thing is not that you did something wrong, but that circumstances will have a lot of strength during this moment. If you want, you can try to modernize production, although you should be very careful of how you proceed on this front, considering all the facts and accounting for every detail. Otherwise, without due diligence you will receive the directly opposite result, so do not rush. If you do not have your own business, but occupy a relatively high position, then it would be nice for you to go on a business trip or take at least half of your vacation. If such an option is unavailable, then try to just separate yourself from what is around you. You should find it easy to do, especially since no special dynamic events are forthcoming on your horizon. If you are a line employee, then it is best that you display maximum effort and seriously upgrade your productivity, no matter how hard you find it to accomplish.

The sphere of personal relationships will be much more dynamic for the Taurus in April 2019. Towards the dawn of the first ten-day period, you will have to try really hard to avoid serious problems with your close ones. You will instigate the situation yourself and it is unlikely that you can avoid doing so. However, you should have enough strength to at least solve the problem. Try to be as diplomatic as possible, yet show your character if you need to. Just do not get too deep into it, remember that temperance is the highest of virtues. Towards the end of the second ten-day period you can await a new challenge that is connected with your lover. It is likely that this will be the moment of letting go the tension that has accumulated thus far, which means that this must happen either way – if not in this month, then in the next. So consider what is happening as part of one inevitable, but needed process. Do as you think is best, do not be afraid of your decisions, but take full responsibility for them. Everyone formulates their own karma and it would be stupid to put this responsibility onto others. Do not let circumstance bend you, learn to go to the end.

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