Taurus This Year

Taurus Personal and Social Life 2019

2019 is a great year for Taurus to begin something new and maybe choose a new direction for some part of your life. Mentally, you may have been preparing, and now's the time.

The Sun and Moon are both in Taurus as your year starts, so April and May could be the most agreeable for your plans.

Love and relationships in general may take a slight hit in July and August when Venus goes retrograde from July 25 until September 6. Sometimes you need to go extra slow with people and affairs of the heart, that's all.

Be extra creative and you'll be popular all summer long. The Mercury retrograde in Libra (September 17 to October 9) might stress relationships, but Venus rules here, too, and Taurus knows how to be sweet.

Be healthy, happy, and good to yourself, especially in November and December!

Taurus Love 2019

Any number of fated meetings and connections could happen this year for you, Taurus, so stay sharp and respect your heart's hunches and opinions.

Being so popular this year, you could test of a wide range of romantic possibilities. Love always comes with its share of charm and illusion, and you may see plenty of that in February.

The March 20 Solar Eclipse may bring emotional people into your life, but chances are they won't stay long, unless you keep them feeling welcome. Otherwise, May and June could be the most active time for Taurus in the dating world.

You could just as easily meet a soul mate this year, particularly in October. Not even soul mates are necessarily forever, but this year you could make a connection that lasts a long time.

Taurus Career 2019

If you're interested in a career change or a major relocation for work, the perfect offer might come to you in 2019, Taurus.

If you're happy and secure where you are, keep your eyes open anyway. The future is never set in stone, and this year you might find the seed to plant that later grows into a beautiful change or advancement in life.

The desire or tendency to overspend may be ever-present this year. The bright, attractive and expensive will most often catch your eye in June, and again in August, but you don't have to yield. Self-restraint and sound budgeting come most easily for Taurus also in August, and again in November and December.

Really, it's a luxurious year. Try to save as often as you spend (always a good formula) and see great prosperity!

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