The Sagittarius Love tips

To Sagittarius, love is a romantic adventure to be enjoyed and explored without feeling tied down, but you also to feel secure in that love. You have no hesitation in sharing your feelings, and like your partner to stimulate and amuse you as well as enjoy your company. You love to touch and cuddle, and a big, warm hug is your form of security blanket that makes you feel wanted.

Although some Sagittarians may indulge in the occasional affair, on the whole the attraction will be more the excitement rather than a true romance. You need good intellectual compatibility to take the relationship to the next level and feel contentment in the long term. The partnership may not survive if the other person is possessive or jealous of you and, if this is the case, it’s possible you could just pack up and move on without so much as a backward glance. It will be a smart partner who realises early on in the relationship that freedom means everything to a Sagittarian.

The female Sagittarian loves to be loved for her outspoken charm; her words and actions show what she is thinking and feeling. She will want a partner who does not play silly games because she herself is not coy and evasive, and her partner must always ask her to do something, never tell her.

The male Sagittarian will want a partner who will not try to control him, check up on him or accuse him falsely of looking elsewhere. This would be the end of the relationship once the trust has gone.

People are naturally attracted to you, Sagittarius, because you are open, honest and don’t hide behind a carefully crafted mask. You are spontaneous and optimistic that life will provide you with what you need when you need it, and you see no reason to exclude love from this equation.

It might take quite a few relationships on several different levels before you find the one you are looking for who can step up to the challenge of being with you, romantically speaking.

Venus the planet of love has a strong influence on the lives of Sagittarians and dominates your zone of friendships and social life. You want someone with a sense of elegance and style, who can step up to the plate and is able to express a classy side of life.

You have a very amorous nature at times but need to be mindful that your search for passion can overstimulation you to such an extent that you may miss out on emotional satisfaction. If your partner does not come up to par as far as intellectual stimulation is concerned, you might need to look a bit deeper into their character before you write them off. Sometimes there are other character traits in your partner that can bring long-term satisfaction to this relationship.

When looking for a partner it is important that their role is not just sexual but that they support you in whatever you choose to achieve in life. You have a great deal of enthusiasm; therefore, if your partner is on your team when you are setting your goals, by the same token you must also support them in return.

With your yen for travel you may even meet someone on one of your trips who comes from another culture or country. This will provide you with another learning experience if they have the qualities you are looking for.

Fire signs are creative and therefore your partner needs to have a certain amount of creativity or you will probably lose interest in them fairly quickly, especially if the bedroom activity becomes dull and boring. Sport and play are essential for you in love as they are in life and those partners born under the star signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will give you the mental stimulation that you need.

Once you settle down and marry, you will give a 100 per cent commitment of your mind and heart and this will be a wonderful platform to start raising a family. You also need an active domestic life, and social encounters that are filled with fun and adventure to make your marriage satisfying in the long term

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