The Sagittarius Career

Virgo rules your zone of employment and has much to do with your skills in fine-detail work as well as your big picture views. Some Sagittarians may seem not all that driven or ambitious because of their carefree and easygoing nature; whereas in fact, many hardworking and successful individuals have been born under this sign.

Your enthusiasm for the job at hand, combined with your skills and inability to take ‘no’ for an answer, makes you an employee who gets the job done. Teaching and corporate or executive training are just made for you and, with Jupiter being your ruling planet, you also have the ability to work in banking, finance, law, foreign relations or the import–export industry, where travel and cultural professions will have an appeal for you.

If someone chooses to partner a Sagittarian in business they can expect honesty and plenty of creative ideas, and it will work even better if you are allowed independence and freedom within it. Even in the most routine of jobs you will seek out challenges so that you don’t get tired and bored.

Sagittarians are ‘big-picture people’. They can be hard to tie down when asked for details on the job they are doing because they prefer to get on with doing it at their own speed, which is usually flat out.

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