Sagittarius This Year

Sagittarius Personal and Social Life 2019

What a great year to be a Sagittarius! With so much admiration, respect, and authority coming your way, it could be hard to remember to be modest. Make the effort, though, be gracious and understated, and people will regard you all the more.

Be methodical and then trust your sound, critical judgment. Emotional judgment is strong and true, too, especially in February.

Saturn in Sagittarius this year adds to your patience and careful treatment of people and situations. Family and friends will think well of you no matter what, and could lavish extra affection on you in the springtime.

Be well, active, and avoid too many extra calories too often, however yummy. This could be an ongoing challenge after early April, when Jupiter's retrograde ends.

It's quite a delicious year, Sag!

Sagittarius Love 2019

Love is red hot and strong this year, Sagittarius, and there will also be plenty of space for individual opinions, decisions, and activities.

Jupiter is in fiery Leo until mid-August, giving life together a veneer of glamour, fun, and perhaps extravagance. When Jupiter enters Virgo, expect daily life to calm down and be more low-key, though never boring. You don't do boring!

2019 could start off with some big opportunity for change in work, location, or some money concern. Work together, have a common view (aka, compromise if needed), and see great benefit and happiness from this, no matter what you decide.

The summer is both sweet and sensible in the days before the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo (August 26) when the Moon is in practical Capricorn. If you want to get away by yourselves before the summer ends, go someplace relaxing (the beach!) rather than on a frantic group tour excursion (which could be stimulation overload).

With Venus and Mars both in Libra from November 13 until December 5, life is busy but there is still plenty time and energy for intimacy.

Sagittarius Career 2019

2019 is full of opportunities for success in the workplace. If you're starting a new career or job hunting, opportunities should abound. Have a clear vision of what you want and see if it doesn't fall out of the sky for you, particularly after August.

Jupiter shines in Leo during the first half of the year, making you desirable as an employee, partner, or contractor. Once Jupiter enters Virgo, your competent, efficient qualities will shine forth.

Keep track of spending, invest (but not impulsively), and save at least something regularly.

The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all in Sagittarius as November ends. The last month or so of 2019, you'll be at your most resourceful, creative, and practical. This basically guarantees a fine financial end to a productive year!

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