Sagittarius This Week

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): There's something of a 'moving on' vibe coming in this week, Sagittarius, allowing you to carve out a greater amount of psychic distance from any tricky pickles or perturbations which have recently stirred unrest in you. Your ability to triumphantly move on is, I should mention, inextricably linked with continuing your Saturn-defined efforts to refine and/or reinforce your singular sense of personal purpose… and, as part of these efforts, to turn away from circumstantial energy-drains which absorb you in dealings, dalliances, or debts that aren't directly relevant to said purpose. Though this should sound like straightforward counsel, please recognize there's maybe also a certain stream of mutual interpersonal interest, attraction, and/or connectedness that's convoluting your clarity. Though this relational connection may flow easily and/or feel real good, it doesn't necessarily align with the 'purpose' that's supposed to be motivating your moving-on. It may or may not pose a conflict for you; you're just not sure yet. Rather than unconditionally pursue the relationship and hope it won't cause you problems later, I suggest instead pursuing your purpose first and foremost—and then seeing how the relationship fares in response.


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