Sagittarius This Week

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Sometimes, the absolute best thing you can do for someone else, Sagittarius, is just make them smile or titter or laugh until their belly hurts. There's a lot of heavy life-and-death-type emotion-stuff circulating amongst the folks around you, and you may be wondering what's the most efficacious helping-hand you could offer 'em to alleviate its weighty burden. Of course it can bring relief if you let 'em know they can talk to you about anything, should they need a sympathetic ear or shoulder-to-cry-on or partner in righteous anger. But it isn't always immediately fruitful for sufferers to continue droning on and on about the root of their suffering, as reaffirming its constant presence by constantly directing attention to it can worsen its impact. Even when we are legitimately upset, that justifiable feeling does not represent the sum-total of who we are; it is but a portion. And that's where your current astrologically-ordained role comes in: to remind us to appreciate the simpler pleasures, the pretty colors, the frivolous giggles, the warm connectedness of sharing supposedly uneventful moments with other human beings, regardless of what else may be going on. Be that warming, pleasing, giggle-conjuring presence… for everyone else, and for yourself, too. :)


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