The Libra Love tips

Because Venus the goddess of love rules you Libra, you are probably one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac.  Venus gives you a loving and sensual nature, keeps you in touch with your feminine side.  You’re particularly affectionate as a lover and a friend and will go to great lengths to demonstrate your feelings to the people you care for.                                                

Relationships mean more than anything to you Libra and if this part of your life is in good order everything will be right in your world.  If there is disharmony then you will brood and worry.  Once you find a partner you can connect with you’ll go to any lengths to please them, however there may be a number of affairs in your life before you find “the one”.  But, you will keep looking until you find what it is you are after.

One Libran trait is that you can become overly dependent on other people for their happiness.  Keep your relationships in balance with other areas of your life and be careful not to smother the people you love most.  Although you want and expect complete commitment from your partner, you must be prepared to offer the same and for a Libran male this is not always easy as they are usually surrounded by many women, in the workplace and socially.

Once you find that special “one” you’ll be completely blown away by how sensitive and responsive you will be to his or her needs but you need someone who will reciprocate.  You will be devoted and your commitment will intensify over time.

You require 100% input from both parties in a committed relationship, so choose your partner carefully.  Any shortfall in the areas of respect and affection will send you looking for love elsewhere.

You need to be very clear about what you want from your partner.  They need to communicate their feelings and their lust.  The word “love” is a verb, not just a noun.  You show your affection generously and in practical and tactile ways. You want to be the Prince or Princess and are not afraid of what other people may think about this aspiration.

You are loyal, but showing your insecurity by asking your partner to prove their love time and time again could lead to thoughtless acts and tension.  You need to learn the art of unconditional love and, although it is not an easy lesson, you’re a fast learner and will make every effort to get it right.  A balanced and happy love life is your ultimate goal.

Sex is a way for you to show your feelings for that special person so is vitally important to you.  When you’re attracted to someone you’ll pull out all stops.  Fashion, fragrances and anything else that will make an impression is where you’ll start – and usually you will succeed.  Love and sensuality at its finest will be the lot of the lucky person who marries a Libran.

Love can be given in many different ways and you desire passion as well.  Don’t assume that because your partner is not sharing your innermost fantasies that they are disinterested.  This would be a big mistake on your part.  Just remember, lust doesn’t always equal love.

You want to give your family the best that money can buy, so you’re keen to sport the latest fashions and symbols with, of course, a partner who complements you.  You like to see that everyone you love is well cared for with all the comforts and conveniences that money can buy.

Your home will be a showpiece of what you have been able to earn and the quality furnishings and fittings that can be bought with that money.  You love the feel of luxury fabrics; a top of the range sound system, the most up to date appliances and a beautiful car to drive around in could also be on your list. These trappings are not necessarily to impress other people, but you feel you owe it to yourself to live this lifestyle.

If you focus on maintaining harmony and stability and add a little more commitment to your partnership, you will have a winning combination for love.

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