Libra This Month

The Full Moon also occurs on Jul 2 and will make you aware that you need have some fun and social activity in your life, however that night will not be the time to start as the general energy will be serious and focused. Jul 4-6 would be a good time to relax and refresh yourself behind the scenes. The "radical restructuring energies" will be strong at the beginning and the end of this month. Jul 1-4 could be a time when you will be trying to divide your attention between your outer world pursuits, your home and family and your mate or other significant people in your life. Jul 7 could pull you out into the world, but that evening will be a good time to spend widi those closest to you in your private life. The New Moon on Jul 16 indicates a positive new start in your outer world path will begin that will develop over the next four weeks. It is best to be able to work as independently as possible now since you really won't take kindly to being told what to do by anyone. You will be more assertive than usual, which could be a good thing, especially if you want to be noticed. Much depends on your personality.

If you are normally quiet and understated, this can be a time when you can put yourself forward and garner attention. However, if you are already an assertive person, this can make you come across more strongly than you realize and antagonize someone unnecessarily. Just being aware of that possibility can make all the difference. Jul 16 to 22 can be a very fortunate time for your career, finances and health. Your work will go well and your self worth will get a boost.  You will appreciate the beauty in the world at this time. Solitary activities will be very enjoyable and restorative for you during this period.

 You also may have some inner experiences and insights regarding love and relationships. From Jul 22 to Aug 21 the Sun will enliven your eleventh house of friends, like-minded groups and future plans. If you do become involved in a group, you may be called upon to take a leadership role. Social, political or environmental issues may also capture your attention now. Reach out to others. This is the time to be with friends and kindred spirits. They are likely to be more challenging at this point. If you try to make something happen on Jul 27, you will find resistance and frustration. On Jul 28-30 things will be a little calmer.

 You will feel quite comfortable at home and in your private world on those days. However, the energies will flare up again on Jul 31. Whatever occurs in your life during this period is directly related to your personal radical restructuring as discussed at the beginning of your forecast. It is veryr likely that the current worldwide radical restructuring will also be reflected in the news.

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