Libra This Month

January 2022 Horoscope: Libra

The Libra horoscope for January 2022 shows that the main trends of the month will be an increase in ambition, courage and independence, along with excessive demanding and obsessiveness. It is recommended not to shy away from responsibilities, but to avoid manifestations of extravagance. This time can go to the good of the professional field, provided that you are attentive to others and a reasonable compromise is found. Resistance to temptations, the ability to go around sharp corners without putting pressure on a partner – will be very useful in the period of retro-Venus ♀. The Libra horoscope calls for peace and balance in both personal and material spheres. Throughout January, Mercury ☿ will facilitate fruitful interaction, but encourages you to observe the utmost tact in communication.


The tense aspect of the Sun ☉ will create difficulties for self-realization at the beginning of the month. Characterized by contradictions with others due to the expression of needs and opinions. The Libra horoscope recommends that you consciously show your will, taking into account the interests of your partners. The New Moon on January 2 will help lay the foundation for future success – plan and dream! In the financial sphere and in personal relationships, moderation will be more useful – after all, retro-Venus forms a square to your Sun. Mercury will form a positive aspect that contributes to the ease of flow of thought processes. The transit is also associated with productive negotiations and small trips. Plus, ♂ Mars in Sagittarius will give Libra a boost of confidence and decisiveness to promote career growth. But in the manifestation of these qualities, the horoscope recommends observing a sense of proportion.


Seizing on many things at the same time and giving promises, be careful – the transit of the Sun warns against such imprudence. The Libra horoscope advises to correctly calculate strength and rest more. The second decade is characterized by an increase in intellectual and communicative activity. Previously accumulated old cases requiring attention should be completed right now. Reversing Mercury from the middle of the month will contribute to this. Intemperance and laziness can interfere with the implementation of the plan. The horoscope suggests maintaining self-control and keeping promises. The trine of Mars will maintain high physical activity conducive to successful problem-solving. The Full Moon on January 18 will exacerbate emotionality – it does not hurt to arrange a day off.


The period from January 20 will be favorable for creative activity and the successful realization of talents. This will be facilitated by the ☉ Sun entering the sign of Aquarius . Increased personal leadership, enthusiasm, and generosity will find support and approval from those around you. However, closer to the end of January, outbreaks of irritability and inability to concentrate are possible – this is Mercury that forms the stress aspect. The Libra horoscope for January 2022 advises to be correct in communication and not to succumb to moods, but to concentrate on current affairs. At the end of the month, Mars ♂ will create an intense constellation for the sign of Libra: overestimation of possibilities, impulsiveness and recklessness are not excluded. The horoscope recommends to be polite and disciplined, to carefully consider words and deeds.

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