The Libra Career

As you work well with people you could do well in PR, advertising, real estate or general sales.  You have a genuine interest in your clients and people like doing business with you. They will feel that they have been well looked after and at the end of the day they will be happy with the way they have been treated.

They will remember your interest, honesty and integrity when it comes to doing a deal and will seek you out rather than just handing over their dollars to someone else in the organization.

Your workplace must have a harmonious feel, be stylish and comfortable.  You are inquisitive and intellectual in the way you approach any task and, given the right type of people and enough freedom to do your thing, you will be a great success.

Money is important to you but necessarily No. 1 on your list.  Although you will have periods of great financial stability you may also have times of equally great spending.  Here is where the scales of justice for Libra will come into play to develop good sense with your financial habits.

Libra is also well suited to careers involving music, dance, choreography, film, television, theater, interior design, architecture and building.

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