Libra This Year

The life stage throughout 2022 will be a rather enthralling time for Libras, dynamic and definitely unforgettable. It is now that some life-changing crucial events are very likely to occur in your life. The most important thing is not to miss this opportunity, because the stars are unlikely to give you a second chance. At the same time, according to the horoscope of 2022 , a key influence on Libras will be exercised by the sun. In other words, the situation will be far from the standard one, nevertheless we can confidently state that the solar positivity will provide Libras with strong support. Although, in reality, this support will actually act as a "fifth leg", because in the first half of the year Venus will exert the most dominant influence on the life of Libras and naturally it will have a much greater domineering effect. In other words, in certain situations the solar energy will look rather dull against the background of the powerful influences of Venus. In this regard, the most positive planetary energy flows will concentrate more on the sensual and emotional aspects of the lives of Libras, while the sphere of finance will be a little less successful. 

 If we take a closer look at the beginning of 2022 , the period starting from the first days of January until the end of the second decade of April will be incredibly successful for the representatives of Libra in the working area. The main thing is to refrain from putting on airs and acting like Superman, capable of doing anything. During this period you will really possess great potential, but your opinion on these opportunities will most likely be exaggerated. Do not give in to illusions; be very careful with people who flatter you. When it comes to your subordinates, then you know what to do. However, if your colleagues bombard you with the overwhelming mudflow of excessive praise, you have to be more vigilant. According to the horoscope for 2022 Libras shouldn't enter any open confrontation at the beginning of the year because many of the events at the subsequent phases will largely depend on your current behavior. Thus, "put on" your Hollywood smile and march forth towards conquering new heights at work, especially as your "love life" in the first months of 2022 will be relatively stable, and no exceptional or outstanding events are expected in this sphere of your life. 

 Starting from the end of April to the beginning of June 2022 , the solar influence will completely lose its power, but the Venusian one, on the contrary, will gain a much greater scale. Specifically for your zodiac sign it will be manifested in a whole range of rather fascinating moments. Libra-women should be more careful than ever. There will be tons of admirers around you, coupled with a lot of possibilities of "starting an affair". In fact, you can easily plunge into this reckless world of carnal pleasures! It is vital for you to take into account the fact that the stars recommend that you show extreme caution, for the chances now are extremely high to catch a disease of the Venusian nature. So, as they say, it is up to you to decide the correct course of action, but bear in mind the warning. Oddly enough, Libra-men in this respect will be much calmer and more reserved, despite the fact that the spring traditionally "blows the minds" of the male population on planet Earth. Of course, if you are offered a fairly appealing adventure, you shouldn't necessary reject it, especially because he who is warned is he who is forearmed. Do what you think is necessary, but keep your feet on the ground. It will be a big mistake now to give in to some short-term adventures; however, you can quite confidently afford to get involved in a sort of controlled adventure, where you have full trust in all the players, including yourself. 

 The peak of the summer and the first third of the fall (through all September) will be the most harmonious period for the entire life of Libras in 2022 . At this time Venus will lower the intensity of its effects and we need to take into account, so to speak, both sides of the coin. In the first place, you will need to get used to the fact that the level of vital energy in your body will slightly decrease. It won’t be critical, but it will definitely be noticeable. Your performance efficiency at work will hardly be affected, but you might face some problems with overall life motivation and the desire for spiritual growth. Force yourself to read more! At least a hundred lines before going to sleep like in the fifth grade. At this very moment, it is an objective necessity which is vital for your mind. Otherwise, when winter comes and all of a sudden your despondency goes away, you simply will not be able to restore the required level of your work performance. No doubt, the more you procrastinate, the more complicated it will be and the more it will bring about the most unexpected consequences. By the way, it will be a good time for self-analysis and reflection, self-contemplation and the steady pursuit of inner harmony. 

 The final phase will begin from the beginning of October to December of 2022 ; it will be characterized personally for Libras by the overall decline in their working pace. At this stage you shouldn’t focus all your time on work. Do not take too many projects and, figuratively speaking, do not jump above your own head, or you’ll find yourself in a fairly undesirable situation. And this is the best case scenario! And the worst one will give rise to a whole cascade of the most unpredictable events. As a result, in order to meet the end of 2022 with full ammunition, so to say, with a beautiful partner in one hand and a defeated dragon in the other one, you need to seriously lower the bar of your ambition. 

Additional Information for the Horoscope for Libra in 2022 

 Do not seek the implementation of some crazy and unreal projects in 2022 . Keep in mind the folk wisdom: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Stick to this idea and all your undertakings must succeed. Especially because your personal life will begin to unfold in the best possible way. And the reason for it will not be the stars, but your own abilities and ambitious desires. In general, for the representatives of Libra this will be a rather natural ending of 2022 , a rather unusual time, throughout which the main role will be taken by exclusively your desires. 

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