Libra This Year

Libra Personal and Social Life 2019

2019 gives you a deeper desire for material security and luxury. This means you'll have greater motivation and ambition. In your gentle, agreeable Libra way, you'll accomplish more and attract more compatible people into your camp.

You'll be extremely lucky with people, so network away! Then put social activities on pause during August, rest up and re-energize.

Mercury goes retrograde in your sign (September 17 - October 9) and this is a great thing, too. Consolidate your team of friends and family members now, and see clearly who your truest supporters are.

November and December are powerful times for you as well, particularly the last two days of December when your planet Venus moves into glorious Sagittarius.

Libra Love 2019

Listen to one another more this year and give each other time for the words to soak in. With the Lunar North Node in early Libra, there are a lot of karmic connections and magic in play for you this year.

You may both feel extravagant, mostly in the summer, but with so many planets in Fire Signs, you can find sensible ways to satisfy those desires.

In the fall, thoughts may turn to simpler happiness at home. This does not have to mean a remodel or even new purchase, but if you need something new, you can negotiate and make it happen.

Saturn is just entering Sagittarius and there's tremendous passion for you, though it may have a more serious, profound and lasting feel to it. This energy doesn't have to boil over. Express what you need from each other, and develop a deeper emotional connection. The last two months of the year may be the most desirous, intense, and fulfilling.

Libra Career 2019

Taking care of basic business is second nature for you in 2019. From the very beginning of the year, people will want to work with you.

In the workplace, you may be the most reliable one in the office. You'll gently defend your own turf and time, and not let your good nature be tested beyond reason.

If you're looking for work (or for new assignments in your present situation), you'll be ambitious and modestly able to state your skills and abilities. Your sense of responsibility will speak for itself more and more plainly as the year progresses, especially in the last quarter as Saturn in Sagittarius gives you more authority.

Money may come and go, but you should have plenty to provide what you need. Perhaps in August you may want more as the Sun conjuncts Venus then Jupiter, but by the fall those fleeting yearnings should pass. It's overall quite a lucky, lucrative year for you!

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