The Cancer Love tips

Those who fall in love with Cancer sometimes feel as though they are between a rock and a hard place. Yes, Cancer is full of loving emotion but the other extreme is dealing with those changing moods, the sometimes self-doubting emotions that undermine some of the Cancerian’s most noble personality traits.

On the one hand people feel drawn to you, Cancer, but you must take full control of your feelings and not sabotage the relationship by superimposing your fears and apprehensions on those you care for most. You are hypersensitive and therefore anything that is said is often magnified beyond its realistic value. Try to listen with your head as well as your heart and don’t exaggerate what you feel are slights by other people.

Part of the issue here is that casual affairs are not for you. You’re the sort of person who looks to the long term and wants to give yourself fully in commitment to the one you love. In return, you expect 100% as well. Now these days it’s not that easy to get the commitment you’re looking for and this could rub you up the wrong way, especially earlier on in the piece when you’re looking to get that commitment from another.

Slow and steady wins the race and patience for the Cancer born is the supreme virtue in matters of love. You are intense and loyal in your affections and it may not be easy to find your soul mate in this world, which is why I say to you that you need to play the waiting game for the right person to come along. If you settle for second best your feelings of insecurity will surface and this will undermine the relationship.

In respect of finding and staying with your true soul mate, you should always rely on your powerful, intuitive feelings which, with the water signs such as yours, are fully developed. If you try to second-guess yourself you’ll slip up. Your first impressions are probably correct so rely on these feelings to make your choices in life and you’ll more than likely find yourself in the right sort of situation with the right sort of person.

This intuitive streak that you possess can be a little unnerving to others, however. You know precisely when someone is not being straight with you. But you mustn’t have your FBI magnifying glass turned on all the time. Your prospective lovers may feel as though they’re being constantly interrogated.

On a lighter note, your imagination and honesty provide your partners a wonderful blend of social and emotional interaction. You bring this to your most intimate moments and therefore your physical and sexual expressions are rich and full of genuine affection. It’s difficult to find that in relationships these days, which is why it may be a little too much for your partner when they first experience the full force of your love. What I’m saying, Cancer, is that you may need to dilute it just a little until they acclimatize themselves to your perfect form of love.

As mentioned earlier, your moods are probably your most difficult point of contention. Your lovers and spouses will be constantly treading on eggshells trying to get a handle on how to deal with you. You are extremely changeable and although this is a challenge for your soul mates, it makes life so much more interesting for them and for you. But might I suggest that you don’t simply hang onto these fluctuating emotions for the sake of creating interest in your partners. You must rise above these feelings and claim your birthright as an evolved Cancerian who is able to move into a selfless and unconditional form of love.

Controlling these feelings will be one of your life’s biggest challenges. Once you are able to do so, your loyal faithfulness will be received fully and with a reciprocal love that will bring joy and deep fulfillment to you. Love, emotional nourishment and a happy family life are the motivating factors which drive the Cancerian personality. Taking control of your inner life will ensure that you reach your goal and live this fulfilling, romantic life.

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