Cancer This Year

Cancer Personal and Social Life 2019

You may feel a bit like a sea creature out of water this year, with only sensitive Neptune in a fellow Water Sign (Pisces). This will illuminate your instincts, feelings, and intuition compared to all the other signs.

Keeping your emotions controlled may be the biggest challenge in late June and July, when the Sun and Saturn move into Water Signs, too.

The first two months you will be focused more on others, but make sure you also take good care of yourself so you can properly be there for loved ones or friends if they need you.

People keep you busy with fun in May and June. Your mind may motor in high gear while your attention zooms in on family, home, and what you love best. Things should calm down after the Sun-Mars conjunction on June 14.

With the Moon in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio on the Summer Solstice, you may not feel charming, but everyone will see your charm throughout the rest of the year!

Cancer Love 2019

The Solar Eclipse of March 20 could be a very emotional day when loneliness or dissatisfaction tempts you to strike up a relationship with someone you'd never consider - or a toxic ex you know best to stay away from. Give yourself time to form a clear perspective and don't simply leap into the arms of someone who isn't healthy and good for you. This holds true for most of the year.

Luckily, lots of admirers and love prospects are out there for you this year, Cancer! So relax, smile, and take your time before agreeing to a date, much less a commitment.

Patience for this may be hard to come by when Venus conjuncts Mars (February 21, August 31, and November 2) but it can save you heartache (or headaches) in the end.

March 4 is another emotionally powerful day, when Venus conjuncts Uranus. You might be attracted to someone unusual, but with the Moon in sensible Virgo, you should be fine.

Cancer Career 2019

If you have a job, Cancer, you might be promoted or expected to assume more responsibility this year.

If you're looking for work or a new position, your timing is good. You've probably been in training, took an educational program, or held an internship of some sort (even if you're not aware of it as such) and you could easily step into a waiting assignment in 2019, possibly in late June (when you're most energetic and self-motivated) or November (when you project the most authority).

Financially, your biggest concern is to avoid becoming overly charitable. Even if you have more than you need, over-generosity can lead to problems. Just be realistic, particularly in late August.

With so many planets in Fire Signs this year, some watery Cancer energy will be a welcome relief in the work place. Use this all year long!

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