Cancer This Week

No need to play it off as if this is no big deal, Cancer, when perhaps it is that big a deal to you. An intensifying dynamic, an escalating standoff, higher stakes, deeper feelings, the coming culmination… such symptoms of an unmistakably big deal developing right before your eyes mustn't be chalked up to you just being melodramatic. Let's be brave enough to call this out for what it is. And let's support you in the obvious imperative to explicitly address this upturn in magnitude with the involved party, since, otherwise, you're only going to drive yourself crazy trying to read between lines, insinuate hidden truths, and telepathically communicate sentiments which, frankly, are too significant to leave unarticulated. I want to acknowledge the understandable fear you might have about being the one who raises the undercover realities to the surface, knowing the other person could be nervous, distressed, or put off by your act of slicing through the so-far-quite-polite rhetoric. This is scary stuff, for sure. But refusing to baldly confront it won't make it any less scary; it just prolongs your lurking anxiety. Just like those who might worry about the state of their health owe it to themselves to consult a doctor, you who sincerely wonder how big a deal this may become—and in what ways it could affect your standing—deserve an intimate question-and-answer session with whoever else is in it with you.


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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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