The Cancer Career

Because you are so strongly motivated by the emotional part of your being it’s essential that you work in a sphere of activity that allows you to express your feelings and to care for others.  There are many professional avenues which you can consider and most notably the healing and helping professions, to name a few, would satisfy your soul immensely. If you choose a line of work that you enjoy, you’re more likely to be good at it and therefore successful.

The healing professions can include medicine, [inaudible 20:32] osteopathy, massage and other alternative and natural therapies.  Nursing, counseling, welfare work and work which involves mediating and advising others can also be a good fit for the Cancerian temperament.

Money is not as important to the Cancerian as helping others and finding internal satisfaction but it does offer you the stability and security that you require in life. I’ve found many Cancerians drawn to business, investments, banking and even real estate. But yet again, even in these roles, your primary motivation is to help others and gain satisfaction through seeing others happy and fulfilled.

Finally, in any sort of work, you must learn to turn off at the end of the day and not take your worries and concerns home with you. Separating profession from domestic life will ensure that you remain happy and won’t destabilize your family life which is also so important to you.

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