The Gemini Love tips

The basis of any successful relationship is open, honest communication and fortunately for you, Gemini, this is one of your most natural and in-built personality traits. This means it’s only natural for you to want to communicate your ideas and feelings to the one you love.

Gemini is an air sign, which rules the mental aspects of human nature and although you do communicate well, you may have the tendency at times to let your head overrule your heart. You tend to filter your feelings through your mind and need to get more in touch with that feeling instinct if you are to take your relationships to the next level.

Although you never have a problem connecting with people generally and making lots of friends and new acquaintances, the idea of commitment does tend to scare you a little. You have a desire to be free and independent and as long as your partner can afford you the space to grow as an individual then maybe, just maybe, the big “C” word won’t terrify you as much.

You have an incredibly versatile personality and you love variety. Sticking to one relationship might be difficult for this reason as well. You love the experience of exploring the world, meeting people and trying different things. You see this as a way of expanding your mind and would love your partner to view life in the same way. Sometimes, however, in marriage and/or a committed relationship you could find that it’s not always as easy to do this once the day-to-day grind sets in and your family responsibilities take over. It would take a very special type of person to give you the freedom to continue along this sort of lifestyle and you only hope that when the right person come along they too have a similar desire to live a free and exciting life with you.

True love to you means being free enough to express yourself on all levels – intellectually, physically and emotionally. Because your mind is such a dominant part of your being it’s quite likely that creative visualisation and fantasising will play a prominent role in your love life. Sharing this aspect of your sensual and sexual fantasies with another requires a high degree of trust, wouldn’t you agree?

Your soul mate ideally will understand and encourage your diverse interests and your sometimes rather unbelievable ambitions. For you, a married partner needs to connect with your ideals and aspire and support you in attaining these extraordinary life goals.

There are times when your Gemini mind just can’t help being cynical and this is one aspect of your personality that needs to be checked when and if you embark on your love life. Your critical nature is never meant to hurt although at times a touch of sarcasm will be thrown in to make your point. Usually, however, you have the other person’s best interests at heart and you generally want to help them grow and become happy and fulfilled within themselves. You need to understand however that not everyone is as intellectual and you need to once again bear in mind that often relating to others on a feeling level rather than a mental or intellectual platform is a superior way to help them after all.

You do tend to impose your opinions on others and in the extreme; others perceive you as an opinionated and even self-righteous type of character. You find this amusing but remember, being in a committed relationship is a long term thing and this may not be tolerated by the one you consider your soul mate. Try listening a little more to get to know how others are reacting to what you have to say.

When all is said and done you are a loyal, passionate and exciting person to be with and the energy you bring to a relationship is formidable. Once you consider someone worthy of your love you sacrifice a great deal for them but the question is usually one of endurance with a Gemini. As long as your partner can satisfy your desire for variety and novelty,  you will be able to make the commitment and hang in there for the long haul.

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