The Gemini Babies

Being the parent of a baby Gemini, is a big responsibility and sometimes it will feel as though you really do have twins, so different can the different sides to your little Gemini sometimes be.

This little genius will have you on your toes. Gemini is an Air sign, so rules the mind. This is the smartest of all the signs and there’ll be a mind there, hungry for things to keep it occupied. They’ll bore easily, always needing constant stimulation. They’re likely to master language at a very young age, so make sure their life is rich in literature, right from the very start. If you want to know how old your little Gemini should be when you start bedtime stories, the answer is from day one. They won’t understand the words, or see the pictures, but they’re soaking in the tone of the words and the way they dance through their mind.

You’ve got a baby writer and thinker here. By the time your little Gemini is all grown up, they’ll be skilled wordsmiths and communicators. With a mind that is jumping around, seeking information and stimuli, it’s soaking up information as it goes. This is one little ‘super computer’ you’ve got.

Don’t think you have to treat this baby genius with kid gloves. These are the practical jokers of the zodiac and when it comes to spinning you a line, oh boy, do you need to wake up to these little guys. They’ll pull the wool over your eyes so quick, you won’t even know what happened. They’re not deceitful; they just know how to use words to their advantage, which is why they want to learn them so quickly.

This doesn’t mean you have an intellectual on your hand, for Gemini’s crave adventure and rough play. They’ll happily be playing vanquishing heroes, rather than sitting at the computer.

These are the Twins of the Zodiac and their attention is likely to switch quickly, from one topic to the next. When they’re older, they’ll be able to multi task. Your teenage Gemini really will be able to do his/her homework with the radio blaring, while talking on the phone. They’re able to compartmentalize, having one part of their brain focused on one task and the other, on something else. They’ll be pros by the time they’ve reached puberty, but from day one, they’re practicing.

Gemini’s are great travelers and whether its on their own steam, when you’ve left the door open, or with you, they’ll be adventurers from an early age, off on an exploration of discovery.

Your young Gemini will be very dexterous, mastering the keyboard or anything that requires fine motor co ordination. Combined with a fast, quick brain, they’ll soon be on the computer, mastering games for their level. A computer would be a good thing to introduce into your child’s life at an early stage, as computers and your little Gemini are a match made in heaven.

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