The Gemini Career

Geminis are the thinkers of the zodiac and therefore it’s not surprising to find them in many organizations coming up with ideas, communicating, handling public relations and other such people-orientated programs.

You have an immensely creative mind but also like to be out and about. A balance between working at your desk and in the field would be the perfect balance for a mind such as yours.

Quite a few Gemini-born natives enjoy entrepreneurial work and can run their own businesses and are naturally gifted at sales and marketing. You’ll shine in this particular sphere. I’ve also seen many Geminis possessing exceptional skills with their hands. Wood workers, musicians, jewellers and those who need to do fine detailed work with their hands are often born under Gemini.

You have tremendous initiative and also have the ability to inspire and work with others. You have high expectations because your standards are very precise and others often struggle to meet your demands. You need to teach by example and become a little more sensitive to the needs of your co-workers and those that work under you. As an employee, however, you may sometimes outshine your master.

Jobs such as teaching, lecturing, writing, acting and also the travel-related industries seem to be a natural fit if you’re born under the sign of Gemini.

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