Gemini This Month

January 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

During January 2022, the Gemini horoscope recommends focusing on fulfilling current responsibilities, directing energy to what is really important. Increased clarity in expressing thoughts will contribute to professional development. Small trips and visits to the authorities are best undertaken in the first half of the month. The second is more useful to devote to hard work and putting things in order both in everyday life and in personal relationships. At the same time, it is important to be smart about finances, because all of January Venus is in a retro phase. For the Gemini sign, new personal prospects will open, and self-education classes will bring positive results.


Mercury on January 1 in the quincunx to your Sun can create tension in communication. However, the very next day the planet will move to the constellation Aquarius, forming an excellent period for Gemini for self-realization. Aspect will contribute to successful negotiations and productive mutual understanding. Since the middle of the month, Mercury moves backward, so it is better to be attentive in communication and new acquaintances. New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022 will give Gemini opportunities for personal growth. However, there can be outbursts of enthusiasm without proper intelligent application. The horoscope for January advises to be more careful with your resources and not to grab onto all things at once.


Venus, as in the first decade, is in Capricorn, forming a tense aspect for your sign. The horoscope recommends maintaining a balance between the mental and the physical, and also, given the retrograde nature of the planet of love and beauty, not to make new acquaintances, but to strengthen existing relationships. Mars is in Sagittarius in opposition to Gemini. Characterized by an increase in efficiency and craving for action. However, the tendencies to a sharp expression of will are increasing. Therefore, the horoscope for Gemini advises to avoid value judgments and to be tactful. The Cancer Full Moon on January 18, 2022 is better spent at home than in business. Gemini can feel inspired to express themselves, and increased intuition can foster creative insights.


The Sun passes into Aquarius on January 20: a favorable period of professional development opens up for the Gemini sign. Success in creativity and harmonious communication with children are important components of this transit. From January 25, Mars will be in Capricorn. The initiative of others may seem excessive, and the will of others to suppress personal ambitions. The Gemini horoscope recommends not to fall into active opposition, but to observe diplomacy and politeness. At the end of the month, Mercury is again in the sign of Capricorn, which will bring an impulse to complete unresolved matters. Self-reflection exercises will help to promote peace of mind during this time.

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