Gemini This Month

GEMINI (May 20 – June 21)

The April 8th Solar Eclipse counsels you to pursue your hopes and wishes by connecting with new people and aligning your energies with those in your social circle and/or community. June has been a time when you may have had to do with less or work harder to produce financially.

Now through July 15th, Saturn wants you to think about what is really important to you, what and who are you committed to, to define your values and develop your talents. The Lunar Eclipse April 24th at 4 Scorpio brings an unexpected but positive change in the work and joint financial area.

The Lunar Eclipse favors Uranus giving you more freedom to move around or to be independent which began last October and lasts through September .

In April , Gemini can be surprised by infidelity. However, often it's not important what really happened, but the plain fact that you or your love got into suspicion matters. The horoscope highlights that uncertainty can affect Gemini's life immensely. The horoscope also reminds you that is not possible to simply buy confidence in a supermarket. Gemini, don't panic. If you don't hide anything, things will do well.

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